There are so many students and people who want to start a research, but it’s a little bit difficult to start and write a research paper. Somebody hasn’t idea how to start a research and write a paper on that. There are two types of people who want to research but don’t know how to start a research. 


And the others who know how to start and write for a thesis but don’t know what are the steps to write that. I will discuss all the steps on how to start a research paper writing from beginning to advanced. 


Starting a research  and writing paper is a procedure where researchers develop a new thing and publish a unique idea or solution with a written document. From selecting a topic to in-depth research methodologies, working procedure, existing problem, and your contribution everything has been written in the research paper. A paper helps to express innovation. In there every new thing and innovation is proposed and developed by researchers. They are the source of released new technologies and methods. 


Why is starting a research and writing a paper important?


Starting research is very important to innovate new things. Research is everything to release the update of the new technology and concept. To change the world with modern technology, research is mandatory. 


To publish your ideas with the most popular conference and journal, you should know the proper rules for writing a research paper. Because when you innovate a new concept then you have to publish somewhere so that people can see and know about your research.  


Every year many people engage with research, especially students. But most of the students don’t know how to do research and develop a new method. And also how to publish that publicly. So, it’s mandatory to know the basic rules of starting a research and writing a paper. 


In this article, I will discuss the full process step by step to do better research and write a good research paper by yourself. I give you a real-life example of my research, every particular step which is needed to do successful research. 


Here I talk about technical research because I did some research in software engineering and digital marketing. But if you are in another field, don’t worry, I believe that it’ll also help you with your research for any other field.  


What are the steps to start a research?


I will tell you two processes to do research. Discuss all of it in the process below. Such as

  1. How to start a research 
  2. How to write a paper based on our solution or proposed method. 

So there are mostly two steps to start and write a research paper easily, let discuss it below. For example, 


The primary step: How to start a research from scratch?


  1. Find a topic of your research
  2. Read existing research
  3. Point out a problem or limitations
  4. Write a title of the solution
  5. Develop your model
  6. Develop your proposal
  7. Analysis of the results of the research.


Secondary step: How to write a paper based on our solution or proposed method?


  1. Write a title
  2. Write an abstract
  3. Introduction 
  4. Proposed methodology
  5. Existing research 
  6. Motivation
  7. Your contributions
  8. Result analysis
  9. Limitations of your research 
  10. Conclusion
  11. References

There are some basic steps to start a research paper easily. Follow and implement in your research.


How to start a research from scratch?


I have discussed the process of starting a thesis paper. All the steps will help start your research and writing a paper. 


Find a topic of your research


In your research topic, there must be many subjects to research but, it’s not possible to cover all things in a research. You should choose which you have an interest in. Remember, research is a solution for a particular tiny matter. Every subject has lots of sub-topics. In the beginning, researchers are chosen from a single topic onto the board. 


Where can we find the existing research?


An important question is how to find a research paper on my topic. Ok, it’s very easy to find something in your topic which has already been published. There are some journals and directories to find your expected research. Such as,


Also, you can find journals by yourself to search your topic on Google and other search engines. There are some platforms to publish papers for different subjects. But I think IEEE is the best place to search for a research paper. 


How to download a research paper from IEEE and other journals?


To download a research paper free then follow the below steps:

  • Go to a journal and search for your topic. You will find some research papers, just open them. There is a DOI (digital object identification number) that copies the number.


  • Open Sci-Hub then enters the DOI there and click open. Just wait a while and you will get a file, now download that. 


  • Through those ways, you can get any research paper. But it’s not an ethical way, I don’t recommend it. But the process is only for the student who hasn’t the ability to become a paid member because of their financial crisis. But whoever has the ability, please don’t try this method. Even Though it’s everything for learning, you should buy it because it has copyright issues. 


Read existing research


Read the existing research paper related to your topic. You have to find a problem from the research paper. 

  • Read as much as existing papers related to your topic or problem.
  • Try to understand their working process and methodologies.
  • See their content structure and writing style. 


Point out a problem or limitations


Find the limitations of the research and apply your methodology to solve the problem. 

  • Find a problem or a limitation that you can take for your research.
  • Stamped that what would you like to work with the concept.
  • Analyze their limitations and make a decision. Are you ready to work to fix that?
  • Or have needed anything else similar to this topic or work. 


Write a title of the solution


Write a title of your solution which you wanted to provide. A title should be unique and plagiarism-free, which means that it will not be similar to other paper’s titles. 

  • A title should be meaningful and short.
  • The title should be unique and plagiarism-free.
  • Write a perfectly readable title. 


Develop the model of your research


Develop your proposed method’s graphical structure. The model should have in the process view of our whole task. So that the structure makes a clear sense step by step. 

  • Develop a diagram with a right flow
  • Naming the flowchart’s every path.
  • What is your contribution? Highlight that correctly.
  • How to get the output. 


Example of a research model:




Develop your research proposal


Now the time is to develop your proposed strategy to solve the actual problem. This step is your problem’s solution step to fix the limitations practically of the existing research. Abide by the rules of writing a research proposal.

  • Research title
  • The objective of the research.
  • Proposed method.
  • The motivation of the research.
  • Why is the solution needed?
  • Description of the project.
  • Give information about your organization.
  • Research team.
  • Conclusion.

Follow these points to write a research proposal.


Analysis of the result of the research


When the task is completed, analyze the result of the research compared with the based peppers. From where you had got the solution ideas and worked with those limitations also. In the next part, I have discussed everything in detail. 


How to write a research paper based on our proposed method?


After completing all the preparation, now is the time to write a paper based on your experiments. This stage is very important because to represent your methodology worldwide, quality research paper writing is needed to publish in an international journal.


It is not so easy and not so difficult. Research paper writing is not like the other article writing. You must follow the standard writing method to write your paper. 


I will discuss step by step, but in the beginning, some basic rules are that. Such as,


  • Write a title
  • Write an abstract
  • Introduction 
  • Proposed methodology
  • Existing research 
  • Motivation
  • Your contributions
  • Result analysis
  • Limitations of your research 
  • Conclusion
  • References


Write a title


Title writing is a beginning step when the research has started. Following the points to write a good and acceptable title.


  • The title should be short and meaningful.
  • Keep the title unique.
  • The title must highlight the main topic. 


The title is the main thing of research, so follow those above factors to write an acceptable title. Because a title primarily gives an idea about your research. 


Write an abstract


The abstract is a summary of a paper, in this section, we should summarize our methodology and everything with a brief description. Keep your research paper abstraction between 150 to 250 words maximum. 


Follow the below guideline to write a unique abstract.

  • Write a summary with the preferred words. 
  • Focus on the main concept of your research paper.
  • The abstract should express your full work shortly.


Write abstract perfectly, this section has been read most. After publishing your paper to the interested people who will follow your paper and use it for their reference.




In the introduction section, you have to describe the complete process of the research by summarizing everything. Ok, I know you didn’t understand that. Let it be clear, you should tell about your research in this section from the title to the conclusion with a summary. 


Proposed methodology


The proposed methodology is the main work of your paper, in this section discuss your proposed method or concept. For what you work on. 


Suppose you find a problem by studying the related research, to solve the problem create a model which indicates your problem-solving state. It’s called framework. Provide your framework and describe how your method will work to solve the problem. 


A research paper’s proposed method diagram should have

  • A clear view of the problem solution.
  • Easy to implement.
  • People can easily understand how to use this to solve real-life problems


Write everything about your proposed methodology, how it works, what are the steps to solving the problem. Give a clearer sense to the audience in your writing.


Existing research 


Existing research is a section where you will describe that research paper you studied to find out their limitations. To describe related research perfectly you could take the ways.


  • Select five best papers which you like and you think are good for your selected topic. 


  • After selecting the best papers then, choose a paper which you can take as your based paper. The reason is to start research you need a based paper to point out the limitations of that paper and work for that. On the contrary, your idea would be new, for the situation just select a few related research that will be enough. 


  • Express the problem of the existing research and which one is your part.


Cite the existing paper by proper citation with IEEE standard. And arrange the references well. Because that helps you to get the best citation.

Example of existing research paper:






In research, motivation means what made you interested in this research. In there you have to elaborate on the existing research problems and the solution. 


  • What changes can be made by the solution? 
  • How the solution will solve the real problem.
  • Why it’s important to solve or overcome the limitations of the existing papers or your based paper. 


Write your motivation points, by answering the question and mentioning that the solution will solve human problems. Or a research area’s problem where the concept can build the next step easier for a hard research topic. 


Your contributions


Show your contribution to this research. Saying about those limitations of your based paper has fixed what you had been working for. 


  • Pointing the limitations you have covered in the existing paper.
  • What changes you made in your research based on the others.
  • Tell me about your system, what changes it will make.
  • Show your solution and the advantages. 


Your contribution means the solution you have provided. Just write about that in this contribution area. 


Result analysis


The final result of your proposed or developed system. Analyze the result and compare with the existing paper which one you have taken for your based paper. Follow  the below suggestions carefully,


  • Analyze your systems data.
  • Compare with the existing system.
  • Create an analytical report using automated tools like origin pro.
  • Show the report in the result analysis section.
  • Describe the detail, how did your analysis data.
  • Tell how the data is generated by the system.


Example of result analysis:




Show your system’s accuracy comparison with existing paper. You should talk about those limitations you have fixed in your system and the results. 


Example of result analysis:




Limitations of your research 


You are working with existing paper limitations or a unique idea where the thing is new but the topic has some research. Your research indeed has some limitations, or there are opportunities to work or implement new methods. You should tell your research’s limitations. For example,


  • You should tell what are the limitations of your work.
  • Where can we implement a new idea to improve this research work better? 
  • Pointing to the future work opportunity of this research. 


Your work has limitations and opportunities, so you must mention your research or developed system’s limitations. 




Give a brief overview of your research paper from first to last. And you can also tell the problem and the solution you provided in your developed system. How it will solve a problem and the importance of the solution. If anyone is interested in this topic then what points should they choose for their research?




Reference is very important, in every section you should use citation with the existing research paper because the reference is essential for research. All of the work you do tells everything that needs improvement by existing research references. 


Without reference, your research paper won’t be accepted for publication. So list your literature review paper and your based paper. Then use them in your research papers.


  • When using reference, apply the IEEE updated format.
  • There is no minimum or maximum range of references used. It depends on how many literature reviews you have taken for your research. 
  • But it seems professional if you keep the number from 1 to 20, don’t consider it as standard.
  • Use citations in every section that I have discussed already above. 


Use references carefully, try to use papers that are relevant and close to your topic and research.


Before the End


Remaining once again of how to start a research paper writing, you should follow the two steps to the best start. Practice every particular part and also the single point. I believe that this article will help to write a good research paper and publish it in an internal journal. 


The primary step: How to start research from scratch?


  • Find a topic of your research
  • Read existing research
  • Point out a problem or limitations
  • Write a title of the solution
  • Develop your model
  • Develop your proposal
  • Analysis of the resulting research


Secondary step: How to write a paper based on our solution or proposed method?


  • Write a title
  • Write an abstract
  • Introduction 
  • Proposed methodology
  • Existing research 
  • Motivation
  • Your contributions
  • Result analysis
  • Limitations of your research 
  • Conclusion
  • References


I have shared all the information, according to my personal experience in research. This is an emerging field with every happy new change. So nothing is permanent here, I will share all updates here regularly.


If you want to get experience very closely then read my research paper, and connect with me on ResearchGate and Google Scholar. I’ve been a researcher since 2019, now that I have two publications, you will do that on ResearchGate, Google Scholar, and my website.


My main interests are Digital Marketing, SEO, Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics, Image Procession, and Cyber Security. If you are interested in digital marketing then read my SEO article. Thank you very much for reading this article. Happy research journey. 

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