People use Boti for cutting stuff for cooking. But the smart Boti concept made the process easier. Every day we have to eat food to survive, there are a variety of foods that we have taken, most of them are cooked food. To cut vegetables, meat, fish and so many other things people have been using Knife, Boti, or something related which helps to cut. As a part of cooking preparation and cutting the cooking stuff, we use the Boti. Let’s introduce a Boti which we call SmartBoti. This is a new edition of traditional Boti. 



What is Smart Boti?

Smart Boti is an innovation from the existing old Boti.  “Boti” is the word used by Bengali people. It is a sharp piece that is made of Iron. The Boti covers the Knife’s needs and its structure is different from a Knife’s. We called it Smart Boti because there are some additional and smart features added with the traditional Boti. 


 Why do we call it Smart Boti? 

We called it Smart Boti because it is a modern version of traditional Boti. The Boti has different parts that are fully replaceable. If any parts are damaged then we can easily change them. Let’s briefly explain some smart features of Smart Boti.  

  • Rustyness sharp blade
  • Comfortable wooden body
  • Easily divisible part by part
  • Easily carrying one place to another. 

I have detailed the features in the features section of this article. 

Why Should We Use a Smart Boti?

There are several logical reasons to use the Smart Boti in your Kitchen for cutting the cooking materials. Ok, I will explain several reasons why I should use the Boti. 


 Saves time

We know cooking is time-consuming and most of the time we spend cutting things. 


Cutting anything by sitting

 Some people have problems cutting something by sitting. The Smart Boti is made for cutting something by standing.


A better replacement of knife

The Smart Boti has the features to replace knives. If you need a flexible cutter that can help with speedy, riskless, and reliable cutting then choose the Smart Boti. 


Sharp and easy to use

The Boti is sharp enough to cut vegetables, meat, fish and so many things. Anyone who doesn’t have the experience of cutting and cooking can use it easily.  


Every part are divisible

There is a wonderful thing in the Smart Boti that is divisible. Because after completing your work, you can divide it by parts and clean it properly. 


Pretty light-weight 

The Boti is pretty lightweight And easy to bring from one place to another. 


Setup anywhere at your house

Setup it wherever you want in your kitchen and your house. It fits at any place. 


Who can use the Boti? 

Anyone can use it. If he has previous experience or not. Men or women who need cooking for themselves or their families. The Smart Boti will be most beneficial for the people and places. For example 

  • For those who are not able to cut the cooking stuff by setting. 
  • Best choice for pregnant women.
  • To cut anything standing up. 
  • For the restaurant where people need to cut lots of things every day.
  • Special selection for a smart kitchen. 
  • Pilgrims can use it because they rapidly change their places.  
  • In a mess where people do not get enough time they can use it to cut quickly. 
  • The housewife cooks for their family. 
  • Chicken processing shop.
  • Students’ hostels can use it. 
  • At the old people’s shelter. 

Besides the mentioned places and people, moreover,  there are many use cases of the Smart Boti too. 


The features of Smart Boti

Smart Boti has some useful and wonderful features which are perfectly helpful for making your cooking process easy and quick. 


The features of the Smart Boti are. 


Sharp and pure Iron Blade 

This part is one of the main parts of Smart Boti.  Because with it cutting everything. The blade is made of rustless Iron. 


Wooden body

The body is another part of the Boti. The body is made of long-lasting wood (Shala). This part of the Smart Boit works as a support of the main blade. 


Nut, Screw, and other things

The Smart Boti fits with the nut, screw, bolt, and some supporting staff. Those are used to fit the Boti onto the Body. Use an adjustable range to set up the various parts of the Boti. 


Are you interested in the Smart Boti? Do you need a custom feature? 

Knock us anytime Contact for Smart Boti 

Or Email here

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How to use it? 

Using the Smart Boti is very easy like using a normal Boti. There is no extra hassle to use. Ok, furthermore, follow the below steps to set up the Boti in your Kitchen or anywhere you want to set it. 

Step-1: First get a Smart Boti from here (use a link) easy ordering process, you will receive it within 1-3 days. 

Step-2: When getting the Boti, please follow the user manual to set it. 

  • Set up the main blade in the body using nuts, bolts, screws, and other things. 

Steps-3: Fitting with nuts and screws is an easy process. Moreover, if you face any problem our representative will help you set it up and train you. 

Step-3: Set up it in your kitchen or anywhere and start cutting. 

Step-4: If you found any problem in the product or something missing or not meet with your requirement then please instantly knock us (use a link) as your demand we can change it or take it back. 



undoubtedly Smart Boti makes your life easy and saves you time. Aso gives you the best experience cutting cooking materials. To cut something quickly there are tons of opportunities to use the Smart Boti. I already covered everything in this article. If you want something smart in your Kitchen to cut stuff easily, comfortably, and quickly. Without hesitation, you may get Smart Boti.

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