What is Technical SEO 

The Ultimate Ways to Improve Technical SEO of your website. Technical search engine optimization is the process of crawling and indexing a site by the search engine. That is related to search engine crawling, and access, site speeds, website security, and many more things. So the technical ways of the SEO process helps to ensure speed up the website, security, robot crawling, targeted country, error handling, and so on. The one important thing is to confirm that your website is user-friendly, reliable, and quality.

Technical search engine optimization (SEO) is a big portion of search engine optimization (SEO) it is a deeply technical thing that is a website’s backend mechanism to understand.  Do SEO’s technical part needs a little bit of knowledge about web development because this is a very sensitive SEO’s part of a website. If there is anything wrong then it will destroy the ranking of your site, so it will do it carefully.

Why you should optimize your site by technical SEO techniques? 

Google and the other search engines every time trying to show the relevant result from which sites are trusted. The search engine uses robot crawlers to index the possible information from the website.

Search engine priority depends on some key factors like; site speed and security, content relevancy, content size. How the site speed is on the site, if the speed is accepted for the search engine then the website will get priority. Technical SEO is a big part of on-page SEO so be careful about that.

Then another fact is site security, the search engine crawler visits the site, and checking the security (because of its factors of ranking). If it is secured then the search engine gives priority to the site. Then robo.txt file allows the entire search engine to crawl the site, the search engine crawling site, and indexed information on the database.

The important thing is a duplicate content fact, search engines checking the content of the site. A website shouldn’t have the same URL in the same content then the search engine will be confused about showing the right one.

 And the other thing is the targeted country; if the specific region isn’t properly selected then it will create an impact on the search result. So the main concept of the technical process of SEO depends on robot.txt, site speed, security fact, and duplicate content matter in the same URL.

We want to pinpoint some topics about the technical components of SEO that are also important for example; navigations and site structure that helps search engines to properly understand the site structure as well as about the content of the website.

What are the main aspects of technical SEO?

There are lots of things to do for technical SEO but I discuss most 20 Ultimate ways to Improve the technical side of SEO processes. That will help to improve the aspect of technical search engine optimization (SEO). 

So this SEO is the part of on-page SEO and also it is the pillar of the SEO both on-page and off-page. These two SEO successes depend on whether properly doing SEO for technical issues or not. I am trying to talk about the main aspects of why are technical guides of SEO important for a website.


There Are The Ultimate Ways to Improve Technical SEO

  1. Site structure and navigation
  2. Robot.txt file
  3. Speed up the website
  4. Secure the website by adding SSL
  5. Do mobile-friendly site
  6. Avoid duplicate content
  7. Remove dead links
  8. Use 301 redirects
  9. Create structural data
  10.  Properly optimization of URL
  11.  Enable Google search console
  12.  Setup  Google analytics
  13.  Submit XML sitemap
  14.  Setup AMP
  15.  Use Pagination
  16.  Set a 404 page
  17.  Enable multilingual website
  18.  Use breadcrumbs menu
  19.  Canonical URL optimization
  20.  Choose a specific domain for the best result


1. Site structure and navigation

Site structure and navigation are very important to a search engine that will understand your site. if the site’s all data are perfectly structured and arranged, then it should organize the website content with navigation. Every time the search engine wants that, you have to create content for humans not intended to search engines. 

So try to navigate the post and pages such as the audiences are easily finding the expected content. It should continue for the expectation of structure and navigation like;

  • Make a user-friendly interface
  • Navigate the all post
  • Separated the post and pages by specific topic
  • Keep an option to easily finding content
  • Showing categories content-wise
  • Keep the recent post archive
  • Set an option to connect the other media with the website

So it will do well to structure the website all pages as well the navigation that is helpful for doing the technical fact of SEO best practices. In the area of SEO (Search engine optimization), there are many things to do but the most important part is the search engine optimization technical task. If it is not perfect then the on-page and off-page will not achieve the goal. 

Be careful about this SEO, because it’s a very sensitive and important fact on a website. The practices depend on website ranking, enhance usability, and making a user-friendly site for getting the advantage of the on-page and off-page optimization. So doing the good technical things of SEO for the part of your business success.


2. Care about the robot.txt file

Robot.txt is a file that allows search engines to crawl and index websites. This is all about the permission to the search engine for a website or a specific page indexing. So the technical SEO aspects use the robot.txt file to index the website.

There are many search engines; you should allow them to index by allowing the robot to show the page or site on the search engine result page (SERP). We can handle search engines properly using the file (robot.txt) when updating the indexing. And which pages are allowed for crawling or not to crawling that is confirmed by the robot.txt file.

Benefits of using robot.txt file

There have some benefits to use robot file, I point out that shortly for the proper use of that file to better SEO ranking, for example:

  • Allowing or stopping search engine from indexing website
  • Set a specific crawling time by search engine
  • Ensure the proper SEO practices
  • Easily finding your webpage on SERP
  • Stop crawling private page that is you don’t want to view publicly
  • Getting better search engine ranking

These are the main aspects of the search engine indexing but in below showing the major important facts that are take-up crucial benefits for your website.

The structure of the robot.txt file

  1. <meta name=”robots” content=”all/index”>//for indexing of search engine for many other pages
  2. <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex> to no indexing by search engine
  3. <meta name=”robots” content=”nofollow”> to no follow the content of the search engine
  4. <meta name=”robots” content=”dofollow”> follow the content of the search engine
  5. <meta http-equiv attribute> for update your site another for after severel time
  6. <meta http-equiv=”expires” content=” sat,30 agu,2019,12.00AM,GMT”>for this format your site /pages take a new update version from server
  7. <meta name=”refresh” content=”3,”> for auto-refresh after 3 minutes  

This is the main format of the robot.txt file when you optimize your website with the robot.txt that’s showing on you. if you have a WordPress user then this kind of work is done by a simple plugin but this is not a long time solution.

To understand the proper process of robot.txt working you should have to know about the coding format of the file to manually optimize that. lets i describe the code

1. all/index= It’s you permit mean all search engines to crawl and index your website on the search engines record


2. noindex = The command indicates that you tell the search engine not indexing the website or page and post whatever it is.


3. nofollow = This means the link of your site will be inbound or outbound or linking your site on others websites. so that kind of link if use Nofollow then search engine will not follow or index the links.


4. dofollow = The dofollow allows search engines to follow which link you do for an inbound and outbound link and create a backlink for the website.


5. This tag is used for automatic updates of your website in a defined time when setting a specific time for updating the website.


6. meta http-equiv=”expires” content = when we use the command then our website takes an updated version from the server in our defined time.


7. meta name=”refresh” content=”3 = Use this for automatically updating your content after some minutes, hours, or day as your preferred time.

How to use it?

Using the robot.txt file in a website has some steps, by default the website has a robot file allowing all search engines. If you don’t want to work with all search engines. So there is no problem but if you have some optimization then that is a different thing. In the below, I properly describe all steps to work with the robot.txt file, such as:

Step-1: Go to the website HTML file on the head section you can work with the robot file 

Step-2: Or a specific page opens the backend file of a page then modifies the file’s robot.txt option 

Step-3: if you use word-press then there are already many SEO plugins, you can use that to operate the robot.txt file properly.

Rotbot.txt file situated on the head section of a website so when you working with that file, then seeking it on the head section

Following the important ultimate ways to improve technical SEO guidelines for handling search engine access on your website. It’s very important to work on technical matters of SEO.

Suppose you’re all SEO work has been done completely but not allow the search engine to index the site. Then this site is not showing on the search result in (SERP). So take care of the robot.txt file then getting the attention of the search engine to be your success.


3. Websites Speedup 

Website speed is very important for SEO as well as keeping the audience on your website at a certain time. It is a key ranking factor of the search engine to rank a website on the local areas and mobile devices.

This is necessary work for every website through which the process gains the visitor’s attention. Because they don’t have enough time to wait for the website loading. To keep the proper impression from the audience you should super speed up the website so that it takes a few seconds to load.

 What does speed-up mean?

The speed-up means how much time it takes to load a website, or the amount of time spent viewing a website. The total process is the relation between the request time and the response time difference manner. The website speeds depend on several key factors like:

  • Server response time
  • Internet speed
  • Browser and device compatibility fact
  • server location
  • website file size (especially image)
  • javascript CSS file fact
  • when the website isn’t responsive

These problems are client-side problems above that you are responsible for all about except internet speed because it’s not on your hand. The slow speed must be solved for visitor satisfaction and another is for search engines (remember a thing search engine always works to show relevant and exact results to the visitor.

So just follow the search engine provided rules to achieve audience satisfaction. And also deliver the right information then it will cover both optimizations). 

Every website’s ranking is based on the better speed of the website because search engines are trying to show which sites that are easily accessible and user friendly as well as the content relevance.

If the speed is slow then it takes a huge loading time and seeing the website on the visitors. The speed is very important for a mobile-friendly site, now the day’s mobile site is necessary for the best ranking.

So there are two main concepts that the first one is speedup needs for more impressions. And another one is the need for a search engine that will help ranking websites on the search engine result on the first page. I describe some main points of speed up a site for example:

  • Optimize image and reduce image size 
  • Stop working unused CSS code 
  • Minify CSS and JS file
  • Use browser cache
  • Careful about some file when optimizing speed, because sometimes the mistakenly  important file is missed
  • Try to don’t use image and slide on the home page
  • Use third-party software to load image from another place like (CDN)
  • Test the browser and device (computer, mobile, and tablet) compatibility for various devices. it will help to be a responsive and super speed site to get more impressions from the search engine and visitor as well.

These are the all processes of the ultimate ways to improve technical SEO to speed up in a website, following the simple process to develop a better speed, that is helped to gain all kinds of search engine priority to well ranking a site on the SERP.


4. Secure to the website with SSL (Secured socket layer)

Make sure your website is secured, you should use SSL certification and it will increase the trust of the website. Now, this is a new tradition for any website but one day it was limited only to e-commerce and some sensitive web applications. But in the current time, SSL is mandatory for every website.

 Mainly regarding the security of a website. After completion of the installations of SSL then your site gets HTTPS (Hypertext transfer protocol) secured signal. It’s a protocol, this is a networking concept, in the SSL meaning secure socket layer. 

What is SSL?

When we request data through a browser then it passes by some network layer, SSL adds an extra layer into there. It ensures security by encrypted data, HTTPS helps to understand the search engine this site secured or not because this is a ranking factor for the update algorithm of the search engine. So in practice, it helps to rank a site.

Why is it needed?  

Because of always, the search engine tries to show secured site, so for the better ranking install the SSL, it’s mandatory for some reasons for example:

  • Impact on the ranking 
  • Some browser stops loading the unsecured site
  • Achieve the visitor’s and search engine’s trust 
  • Prevent hijacking data
  • Gain security certifications

To the better practices of search engine optimization, you should add the SSL certification for securing the website. And the better ranking on the first page of SERP, So following the said guideline and understands the necessity of SSL.


5. Mobile Friendly Site

Nowadays mobile-friendly sites are very important because currently, the majority of the visitors are from mobile. If you are a word-press user then it is an advantage for you because most of the word-press sites are mobile-friendly.

The meaning of mobile-friendly is responsiveness; it ensures that the website will easily browsable from any kind of mobile device. On the other hand, it also ensures browser compatibility for the websites.

What does a mobile-friendly site mean?

Mobile-friendly means a responsive and well-decorated website that has properly loaded and compatible on mobile devices and also browser. Some points using ensure the responsiveness for the mobile site like easy scrollable, load the complete site, reading content, and browsing perfectly.

Why should we use a mobile-friendly site?

A mobile-friendly site has some important benefits, so you should use the terms to achieve some goals for the mobile-friendly website, such as:

  • Help to easily find something  from the mobile search 
  • To ranking on search engine
  • To get mobile visitors
  • Increasing the targeted audience
  • Make a user-friendly website
  • For easy browsing
  • To get mobile traffic

 It should keep mobile-friendly because now most of the visitors from mobile devices. Every search engine has tools to especially index mobile-friendly sites. Search engine Google has a tool for testing mobile-friendly sites, you can try it to test your site mobile friendly or not. A mobile-friendly site is creating a deep impact on the on-page SEO. 


So what should we do for a mobile-friendly website?

There I defined some tasks that are very important for creating mobile-friendly websites. You should follow the guideline to become your website mobile-friendly and get the advantage of search engine ranking.

  • Test site by mobile-friendly tools
  • Implement SEO strategy for mobile site
  • Speed optimization for mobile device
  • Use HTML tag for responsive website
  • If you using a CMS system then use a plugin
  • Use the mobile-friendly image in the content

Following the process of mobile-friendly sites to better practices of SEO. All those steps help you, for gaining a better result of organic search and generate an overall good result. 


6. Duplicate content 

Check the duplicate content of your site, sometimes search engines are confused about the same content in a website. There was a mistake with the webpage URL: if the same URL is used for different content, then the search engine counts that duplicate content. 

It’s having a bad impact on the site’s SEO because the search engine thinks the website did spam. So the chances are very high to get a penalty from the search engine. So check it out the duplicate content on your site and remove it for better SEO practices.

On the other hand, if you copy content from another website or resource then that will be counted as duplicate content by the search engine. 

How duplicate content destroyed your website?

Just think about yourself; you have a website with huge unique content if the content is stolen by another person or website. And same to the same content appeared on another’s website then what your opinion for the situation is?.

 You know content is the main important thing on the web. Every content has a copyright issue, so when somebody violates the rules that’s time search engines get action against the website. The duplicate content destroys your website ranking and gets a penalty forever by the search engine. Your site will be affected in some ways, for example:

  • Get plenty by search engine
  • Lose search engine ranking
  • Break the audience trust 
  • Its proved you are a dishonest person
  • Decrease your income  day by day 

How can we save our website from duplicate content?

You can get help from the internet but shouldn’t write some parts of the content following other websites. This work like suicide, you just abide by some rules to keep safe your website from copyright issue, such as:

  1. Don’t try to paraphrase from other content 
  2. Write content by your thinking but get help from other resources 
  3. Don’t use an automated content generator 
  4. It’s not correct to try doing your content like others.
  5. Use a unique image for your content  
  6. If you are confused about some content then it should be necessary to use a reference in the last of your writing.

Why is unique content working as an asset for your website?

Unique content is your content that bears good value for your website and future good growth. Always remember one thing that content creates your identity worldwide but the condition is if it’s fresh. You can benefit from the unique content in the numbers of ways, like:

  1. Get search engine ranking   
  2. Gain trust from customers 
  3. Generated huge money
  4. Freely branding yourself and your product or service
  5. Passing your competitors

So it’s a clear concept to every website and content writer to keep the content from the copyright law violation to save your website from the search engine penalty. Also, it will help you to get SERP (search engine result page) ranking as well as help to generate a huge amount of real customers.



 7. Remove dead links and develop a new link

Remove dead links from your site when some time the site’s few links are changed or edited. Then the previous links are not reachable. That’s a link called dead links.

Sometimes the link is also called a broken link, which links are not accessible now this time. So remove those links from your website, because it’s creating a bad impact on the SEO of the site. So it should be cleaned up to refresh the ranking on the website.


How dead links create bad impacts on your website SEO?

A dead link indicates a null resource of your website, when a search result shows a link if that is dead then it will create a bad impact for your site. Why create a bad impact? For some reasons like:

  • Search engines want to show relevant results irrelevant result dropout from indexing.
  • Lost audience trust
  • Creating a bad impression
  • Loss of search engine ranking


Why are dead links removed important?

Dead link removal is important because of some important facts that keep the overall success of your website. As well as save the site from unhealthy competition. Moreover, I discuss some true reasons, such as:

  • Keep your websites backlink fresh
  • To continue ranking
  • Gain visitors to trust 
  • Increase the usability of your site
  • Achieve authority from search engine


What is the process of removing a dead link?

I discuss the whole process with some steps, I think that will help to remove dead links from your website. In the below that steps are:

Step -1: you can use selenium or other software testing tool to automatically find the all dead link of your site if you are able to do this.

Step -2: Or you can use an online tool to automatically find all dead links of your site. It is an easy process from the software testing process because you just put your website’s link onto a website that will show all the dead links which indicate the proper URL.

Step -3: Or check it manually, just monitoring all links of your site and for search use the link. Then you will find if there are any dead links that are showing no resource. 

Step -3: Follow proper off-page optimization rules

Dead links are a very bad thing for any website. Try to always clean up your website from the dead links. Because it will remove the site’s popularity and also lose the higher ranking from search engines, set up a new link in that place of where removed deadlink. Carefully following all processes that I already told on the above. 


8. Structure Data

Structural data is a set of code that contains much information about your website. Like the business name, type of the business, address, phone number, your website URL, other social media sites, and so on.

All the possible details are structural views. It helps to understand clearly about your business or service by the search engine. 

What is the process of creating Structure data?

There are many tools for creating structured data. Just search on the internet “structure data creating tools” or you can use Google tools to create this because Google already provided a tool to do the work.

Google has a tool for testing the data also the search engine has tools for testing data. Select tools and create a structure then test the data using a testing tool. 

If there has arisen any error then fix it. Then copy the Jason code and past your website’s heading tags on the main page.

Within some days search engines record your data. It will verily help to rank your site in the local area. Moreover, I discuss the steps to create structured data using Google tools for example.


Step -1: Search the tools on the internet

Step –2: Choose to create a new structure option

Step -3: Fillip the necessary information on there

Step –4: Automatically generate a code

Step –5: Copy the code

Step –6: Test the code by Google structure data testing tool (to check there has any error or not)

Step –7: after testing the data copy the code then past it into the heading section of your website.

Step –9: The work complete 

What are the main purposes of structure data?

There are lots of benefits of using structured data, which information we submit here is the best benefit for us. I discuss here just some important point 

  • Submitting overall information of a business
  • Help to local ranking search engine  
  • Showing the rating bar or the SERP(Search engine result page)
  • Connecting social media with Google my business
  • Help to showing feature snippets and knowledge graph
  • A good process is sending all information to the search engine.
  • To archive your identity by the search engine.

What things do we do carefully?

When you create structured data carefully dealing with some important thing that is necessary because any error or fault can crash your data value. I discuss below what things you avoid to create structured data.

  • Don’t provide false information
  • Only send the important information which needs to create your website or business identity
  • Testing the data when it’s created, without testing doesn’t try to submit the data.
  • Correctly placed into the head section of your website.

Just following the overall process of creating structured data, I believe that it will be sending for your website or business more value. So try it correctly and create amazing structured data for your website.


9. Setup a 301 redirection page

We can replace the dead links of our site with 301 permanently redirect. It means the page is changed and redirected with others.

Showing the links to the 301 pages. When some page is ranked on the search engine, that’s the time if you change the URL then visitors cannot find that page for the reasons using 301 redirections for the changing page.

What are the Benefits of 301 Redirection?

Very popular redirection method when a link needs to be redirected permanently then there is use permanent redirection method 301. The number of benefits to using the redirection for example:

  • Indicate the real content
  • Provide the right information to the visitors and search engine
  • Keep the ranking to the existing content
  • To get the audience trust
  • Extent usability of the website


How to set up a 301 redirection?

Very easy way to permanently redirect a URL with another one I just suggest some process. There are two types of redirections, one is HTTP to HTTPS redirection and another is URL (uniform resource locator) redirection.

There are two ways to redirect, the first one is .htaccess file edit and the second one is using a plugin (only for WordPress users).  It will help you to perfectly redirect the URL like:

HTTP to HTTPS Redirection in .htaccess file:

When do we need HTTP to HTTPS redirection? 

If we published our website under http and it has been indexed by search engines. When I want to set the https then mush have redirects that. if we didn’t use 301 (permanent redirection) it will show an error.

Because our existing urls are already with the http so we set https then required redirection. You can follow the steps

Step-1: Go to your website cpanel

Step-2: Click file manager

Step-3: public_html 

Step-4: .htaccess

Step-5: Past the code top of the  .htaccess file

Step-6: Save and close the page

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^yourdomain\.com [NC]

RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} 80

RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R,L=301,NC]

Non www to www like to

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]

RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301,NC]

www non www like to

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]

RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301,NC]

Redirect a domain instead of another

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>

  RewriteEngine On

  RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [OR]

  RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$

  RewriteRule (.*)$$1 [R=301,L]


You can also redirect the old domain with new on the cpanel using the domain redirects option.

Redirect AMP to all your website’s pages and post non AMP 

copy the code and paste in the top of the .htaccess file then it automatically redirects from amp to nonamp.

#Redirect from AMP to non-AMP path

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} (.+)/amp(.*)$

RewriteRule ^ %1/ [R=301,L]

Another way is using the WordPress plugin (if you are a WordPress user) follow the below steps to redirect your desired domain and URL. Go to your website plugin option and add new plugins “redirections”  which one you can redirect to any URL as you choose.


10. Proper optimization of URL

The technical SEO expectation URL structure is an important use of the proper format of the URL. Best SEO practices for the URL structural formats are:

  • Use keywords in the URL which is targeted
  • Small letter use in the URL
  • Keep the URL shorter and description 
  • Not using digit in the URL
  • Between two words use a separator

When you want to publish new content that time optimized the URL in order to those rules that will help to best SEO practices. If you use CMS such as word-press then there is automatically creating a URL just Rearranging the URL structure.

Because an SEO friendly URL is very important to rank an article on the SERP. So be carefully keeping it up with the best practices.


11. Enable Google Search Console

Enable Google search console for your website the tool helps to robot.txt file crawling, indexing, and finding the error of the website. And also showing all reports of your website search engine activities.  This is a free tool that is showing the overall activities of search engine indexing, total pages, total URL, and problem list.

If there has occurred any failure or direct error then the tools inform you by a notification to the email, and which you see on the search console dashboard. This is SEO’s technical part.  You should enable this in your site for better monitoring, how to benefit from Google webmaster:

  • Help to submit site map ( for every page, post, images, projects and etc)
  • Showing overall error of the site
  • See the ranking conditions of the web pages 
  • Opportunity to index page by page manually.
  • Showing the visitors graph
  • Overall performance of your website

This tool is important for search engines to properly understand your website. So enable it for your site and do best SEO practices as a part of technical SEO aspects.


12. Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another free tool provided by Google. This is an analytical tool, helping to analyze your site’s data from every aspect of the visitors. The tools guide you and show the visitors’ behavioral activities.

There is included a visitor’s countries, age, impression, click-through rate, number of visitors, and total numbers of visitors in specific content, gender, and many more things.

 As well as it showing lots of information about paid PPC campaigns, which is to estimate the total cost of a campaign and the return of investment (ROI).  And many more things, it shows a report for easy understanding about the visitors, You can be benefited by Google analytics like:

  • See the total visitors by their behavioral activities
  • Which age and interested people male or female that helps to understand
  • Showing the current time of visitors
  • Calculate the total profit which you generated from the website
  • Showing the (ROI) according to the paid (PPC) campaigns
  • You can see the demographic view of other visitors
  • Impression rate of the visitor
  • Help to understand what change is need for the further development of your site

Moreover, these tools are huge features that are helpful to all possible analysis of your website. 


13. Submit XML Sitemap

The XML site map is a map there showing the overall mapping of a website that signals and more information about a website. That helps to understand the search engine about your website properly.

It impacts directly on the search engine ranking. The map tells the search engine about your website contents. Then the SE (Search engine) can decide the importance of the website and pages. 

So an XML sitemap submits to the search engine. Google provides a tool name is google search console, and also uses being webmaster to submit to the XML sitemap. If you use CMS like WordPress then use plugin Yoast SEO or Rkmath to do the work. Here you can create a perfect sitemap or use an online tool to create a sitemap.


The main objectives of XML sitemap

  • Give a clear understanding of your site to search engine
  • Help the search engine for indexing all your website’s pages
  • Take the change to automatically update the XML site map

To submit the sitemap for better ranking and clearly understand your site to the search engine.


14. Setup AMP (Acceleration Mobile Page)

Accelerated mobile page (AMP) is a Google defined system, especially for mobile-friendly sites. The system works the backed code of the website, the AMP is used for doing fast mobile-friendly sites.

When you create an AMP page, then it will help you to load with special Google cash. You can easily create AMP by using the WordPress AMP plugin. If you’re a WordPress user then there have some advantage and disadvantage of AMP, Such as:


  • Reduce the mobile page loading problem
  • Create it mobile faster
  • Increase the impression rate
  • Help to achieve user satisfaction


  • Implementations are not very easy, if you think you will finish the work by using word press plugin then it’s not enough for this work.
  • Converted your all pages into amp pages for mobile and desktop. It is a big problem because the amp blocked your website from all additional features.
  • AMP is not working with email marketing
  • Highly technical people need to create AMP pages.
  • Sometimes site analytics are not well working with AMP
  • AMP is don’t create any impact with SEO
  • Its block Adsense ads
  • Which websites are already mobile-friendly, don’t use amps for those sites because its disadvantage is better than an advantage.

So when you think about installation, be careful, because amps will not take a big benefit long for your website. Most of the time, amps are creating a bad impact on your website. The one advantage is an amp for increasing your website speed. Moreover, it hides all the additional features of a website, AMP isn’t good for every website.


15. Using Pagination

Use the pagination process on your site to help visitors go to the next page and back to the page. It’s very important to keep the impression rate. In this process mostly creating an impact on the SEO, through this process search engine knows about your site user-friendly or not.

So use pagination in your site such that the visitor easily visits the pages and posts. If you use WordPress or another’s CMS then there are lots of plugins to create the pagination but most of the WordPress themes have by default the option of pagination.

How will pagination add an advantage to a website?

  • Showing all post by integrated with each other’s
  • Give a good experience for visitors
  • Creating a search engine friendly process
  • Keep good site structure
  • Every signpost connected with each other
  • To easily send the visitors to the next page

Keep pagination on your website, because it will help to create your site more friendly and reliable. Support the audience to make their choice and easily find the next post.


16. Set a 404 page

Set a 404 page for content that isn’t on your site. When visitors try to find such content that is not available on your site. That time showing the 404-page show as a result like 404 error the page is not found.

How to check your website has a 404 page or not just write your site link on the browser with 404 pages for example page then if the result shows a 404 page. 

Then you know your website has a 404 page, if it isn’t showing then you should set up a 404 page. If your site is a WordPress site then there is a page already every word press site by default has the page. If it hasn’t with your website then create a page. If you are a word press user then use a plugin to create the page.

Why use 404 pages?

  • To give correct information about the existing page
  • Showing related page on the visitor
  • Help in judging the visitor choose 

we can show our 404 error in two ways, the first one for cms and non-cms websites and the second only for the cms websites like WordPress and others. ok now I discuss the process of technical SEO how can we set up the 404 pages in both ways manually and using a plugin. 

404-page setup manual way

Step-1: Go to your website Cpanel

Step-2: Click a file manager

Step-3: public_html 

Step-4: .htaccess

Step-5: Past the code top of the  .htaccess file

Step-6: Save and close the page

6ClA3OHQZab3ma9EJNAEr4xFFWgdWC6VBzaa1UF8MH6YCiM1p5kckZ5BxkzK748a18aprxYEin EQ8Zey9v8QP1QLQHhYKrKfoMr4H6JFAL 1bX9UWY6vVdgJ7ip3g

For 505 page error

Another way is using the WordPress plugin (if you are a WordPress user) follow the below steps to redirect your desired domain and URL. Go to your website plugin option and add new plugins “redirections”  which one you can redirect to any URL as you choose as a 404, 301, 302, 505, etc. If you are already a Yoast or rank math user then both plugins have the redirection option with a good advantage set to a particular page.


17. Multilingual website

If your site has one more than a language then create your site as a multilingual site so that search engines can’t count your website content as duplicate. Because sometimes the same content has been a different language that will create a big problem. It’s not difficult for search engines to read any language. 

To avoid finding by the search engine the content is not duplicate. Because sometimes if the same content shows in the different regions and the different languages then it counts duplicate content by the search engine.

Set a specific country and for the other country create a multilingual site. If you have a word press users then use a plugin to create your site multilingually. If you use another technology for your website then contact your developer to become your site multilingual. 

What are the Benefits of Multilingual Sites? 

  • Getting more visitors from a different region in the world
  • Build tractability from search engine beyond the duplicate content
  • Rank the site worldwide
  • Easy to access for any languages
  • Increase content value for availability
  • Proper branding the site and business
  • Create an international audience

A multilingual website is important because who has used one or more language on their website, then there need multilingual features. Because it is helpful to the search engines about the whole content on a website. To protect from the duplicate count, that is to help keep the website ranking.


18. Use breadcrumbs menu

Use the breadcrumbs menu, the menu is a set of some sub menus and others that are showing on the website to easily show the important and related content. Which are related to the other page.

So it gives the user a friendly environment to easily visit the site and also helps Google to understand the site user-friendly. Breadcrumbs menu is most important for e-commerce and business websites because there are lots of product pages. So when we open a page at the top of the page it shows other categories with the present one. 

How to help the breadcrumbs menu in a business?

  • Easily back to the targeted page
  • Increase higher usability
  • Indicate user to the right page
  • very easy to finding something 
  • Better linking with every page

So the breadcrumbs menu is important for the business and e-commerce website. That kind of website should use the menu to be a good user-friendly site.


19. Canonicals URL Optimization

Use canonical URLs, helps the search engine to know which version of the page to use to prevent similar ones. It’s just avoiding duplicate content on a website. If your site has similar content then use the canonical URL to prevent delicacy from search engines.

Also, the URL needs when site content wants to be used on your sites. if you use CMS then getting to the canonical URL use a plugin like Yoast or rank math. or your site is non-cms, then contact the developer to make canonical URL processes.

First, check your site’s URL by page source, and check here use canonical URL or not if you haven’t then try to create it following the described process. In the WordPress plugin, every page or post has an option in the content below to set a canonical URL, it’s very easy without coding knowledge.

Benefits of the canonical URL

  • Prevent similar content duplicated from search engine
  • Perfectly rank a content though the similar one is also have
  • You can use the websites’ parts of content from the existing one

Canonical URL is important when you want to use the contents’ parts of your website in other content. The canonical method released your site’s new content from the duplicate form.


20. Choose a specific domain for the best performance

Use a domain with www or without www because it helps to avoid search engines to understand duplicate content. If your site is showing the two domains www and without www then search engines count it as two separate websites. As well as the content count as duplicate content. 

So set a preferable URL that is your choice which gives a unique identity to your website. You can do this work by name server; keep one specific domain redirect with another one.

Or use a plugin to do this work if you have a WordPress user, you can follow point number nine at the beginning of the content “ setup a 301 redirection”. There I had to discuss every redirection process of a website manually and using Pugin ( especially for WordPress users).  

What are the benefits of the method?

  • Safe your website from duplicity
  • Keep it from search engine plenty
  • Established your site reputation to the search engine as a spam-free website.
  • Help to counting total backlink
  • Easily ranking the website.

How to do it for your site?

Setup the URL in the C-panel when hosting a website, that time just selects which URL you want to keep for the site. Or you can go to your name server where you buy the domain, select the domain redirect option and place the two domains in which you want to redirect with each other.

SO It’s very important to fix that issue because it creates a big impact on SEO. So be careful about it, clear the concept from the search engine, use the Google search console to fix the problem.



I discussed the major facts of the technical issues of SEO from many perspectives. Trying to cover the ultimate Ways to improve technical SEO so that people can really benefit from it, know more about SEO’s technical process. After the website development with the primary contents are ready to publish before that checking your website technical search engine optimization audit. Because it’s a sensitive part of SEO to rank a website better.

There are many factors to rank a website on the first page of a search engine. But the practical SEO is a crucial one, this SEO is a little bit technical than on-page and off-page, if your website is local then you should doing local listing as well as technical search engine optimization.

So do it carefully to keep your website rank and make the website more user-friendly, if you face any problem then feel free to knock me to solve the problem. In this article, we covered the most 20 SEO’s important points of technical process, like

  1. Site structure and navigation
  2. Robot.txt file
  3. Speed up the website
  4. Secure the website by adding SSL
  5. Do mobile-friendly site
  6. Avoid duplicate content
  7. Remove dead links
  8. Use 301 redirects
  9. Create structural data
  10.  Properly optimization of URL
  11.  Enable Google search console
  12.  Setup  Google analytics
  13.  Submit XML sitemap
  14.  Setup AMP
  15.  Use Pagination
  16.  Set a 404 page
  17.  Enable multilingual website
  18.  Use breadcrumbs menu
  19.  Canonical URL optimization
  20.  Choose a specific domain for the best result

All of these are not important for a website, the reason is it depends on your website type. There are some points that will not use longer for your website.

The uses of technical facets of SEO have a variety of tasks that vary on the website. Some people haven’t enough time to do SEO but you have an option to get help from SEO experts. I believe that it will be added a lot of value to your business.

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