What is off-page SEO?


Off-page SEO  is a strategy that is completely an outer process of the website. I have discussed in this article complete off-page SEO techniques. It will help to build trust and authority to the search engine. Someone thinks about off-page SEO is a link-building process, but that’s not 100% true.

Off-page SEO is not sharply link building, this process is connected with the overall branding and publicity of a website. Just thinking about the external part of your website activities, that you’re doing to make the website popular. What will we need to do off-page SEO? Follow this complete guideline we will know all about off-page SEO.


Why we have to know off-page SEO techniques?


Off-page SEO technique helps you to promote your business or website, by doing some activity on the outside of the site.  The main intention of SEO is to create authority, trust, and influence on the web also we have to know about on-page SEO. Those words help to show the SERP result by ranking. 

A milestone of off-site optimization


Actually, off-page optimization helps to catch all opportunities for better results. There we create all possible ways to the visitor’s entrance. Open the scope to connect with the targeted people as well as the community who are interested in the website topic.  We are working to get to know each other’s people to find a problem and a solution. Through the off-page SEO techniques processes, we can achieve high domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) that can help to better ranking. If you haven’t enough time to read and practices this article then you may try SEO service for your business.


What are the techniques of off-page SEO?


There are lots of techniques to do off-page optimization but I discuss some effective techniques that can really help to do better off-site SEO for a good ranking on the SERP. Also, help to brand the website on the other hand create a powerful community to discuss problems. It’s a pretty process to achieve search engine trust so all techniques are like:


Off-page SEO tutorial step-by-step

  1. Google my business listing
  2. Other local business listings like (Yahoo, Bing, and so on)
  3. Social media submission 
  4. Bing business place
  5. Yahoo business listing
  6. Video submission site
  7. Submission image is the best way
  8. Doing blog commenting
  9. Use question-answer site
  10. Link exchange
  11.  Guest blogging
  12. Forum posting
  13. Broken link building
  14.  Web 2.0 submission
  15. Directory submission
  16. Content submission
  17.  Take an interview
  18.  Search engine submission
  19. Document sharing 
  20.  Submit press release
  21. Use viral content


1. Google my Business


Google my business platform is a free software service to a local business presence and this is also an activity of off-page SEO, provided by Google with a fully free process. This is a very wonderful space to boost a business locally. So the purpose of using Google my business is to list the Name, Address, Phone number (NAP), and services of a business. We can use this in our local business to create more impact on off-page SEO.

How to use Google my business for off-page SEO?

It’s an advantage for us because we can use the platform to do search engine optimization. Especially for off-page optimization, I just highlighted some points to doing the SEO with GMB, such as, 

  • Go to Google my business, then filling the all possible field


  • Carefully add the name, address, phone number, and a little description of the business, which have already been on your website. It should be similar to that but not copy to the past.


  • Link your website address with GMB, you can get a powerful backlink from there through the linking.


  • Listing the services that you are offering, write the description the same to match the exact keyword, which you want to rank.


  • Build a linkup with the website and GMB services.


  • Set the opening and closing times of the business.


  • Upload lots of images by optimization with SEO friendly, and rename that with the targeted keyword.


  • Upload lots of images by optimization with SEO and rename them to targeted keywords.


  • Linking your other social site with them, then the search engine will show that on the SERP.


  • Optimize Google my business-provided website and get a backlink from there.

What are the benefits can we get using GMB?

  • To get a highly powerful natural link
  • Easy way to ranking a keyword locally
  • Building connectivity with social media to locally impact
  • Help to the local ranking of the website

Google my business is an amazing tool there has lots of features that are helping to on-page and off-page SEO. And we can get a local site rank from there as well. It increases building trust in the customers and search engines.



2. Local citation


Local citation means the site helps to list a business in the local business directory and other listing sites. This is a strategy to link up your business information with the local listing site for a business listing. There are many kinds of name, address, phone, service, product (NAP) listing sites that help the local people with different types of business information and finding similar businesses in a place.

Why is local citation important?

It’s important for some reasons such as:

  • Broad areas of publicity
  • Keeping an online standard activity
  • Easily finding a business
  • To build trust
  • Making a strong presence in online
  • Perceiving inspiration
  • Introducing with local people
  • To getting back-link

How can I benefit from a local listing?

Already I told local listing is an important way to build an online strong presence, moreover, some benefits really have in there for example:

  • Boost the popularity in the business to the interest people
  • Getting a strong authority and natural backing from there, that helps to rank your website.
  • To the better growth of the business profit 
  • Create the business information as a presence on the web to easily finding by anybody
  • Get priority from a search engine, its most important for rank on (SERP) 

What are the most important local listing sites?

Many local businesses are listing or directory submission sites over there, some are important for locals and another’s for international. That helps to do what is already said, so the site lists are below.



3. Social media submission


Social media is a perfect place to submit your product or service information. Nowadays, there are several social media sites. Visit the sites by many people every day. The audience has different interests, if you are able to create an impression on some kinds of interests, then you can get all visitors.

Who wants to buy a service product, social media is the best way for that? We can list our business on social media by providing website information and keeping regular activity. The main intention of social media listing is sharing information and sharing the website link. The link called social submission helps to raise social influence.

Why is social submission important?

Social submission is important because of easy use and some other reasons that are:

  • Easy to connect with lots of people
  • Creating high-quality backing
  • Generating more audience
  • Discussion with others
  • Create a community
  • A strong presence on the web
  • Its help in running your site on the SERP
  • Easy way to generate money


Currently, many social media are in the world, but they are separately used for different purposes. So I am writing down some social media submission site list that is country-wise as well as the people interest wise. That’s help to marketing to the targeted audience, such as:


Twitter: Specially use the VIP people for short tweets moreover anyone can use the platform to tweet.

Facebook: This is the largest social media in the world and anyone can introduce him or herself to lots of people all over the world. So use the media for your business purpose to submit your website link and post to reach an uncounted audience.

LinkedIn: People using this platform for professional activity, you can record your activities like a CV and the most advantage is you can connect with the professional people who are already established in their sector. So there you can share your article to show your expertise and also connect with your website.

Reddit: Reddit is also like social media because here you can share content, link, or answer others’ questions. A very good place to get unique visitors by using the radio.

Tumbler: This is a blogging platform, we can create a free blog here or share existing content that is already on our website. Also sharing images, creating backing is very easy with the shared image and content.

Stumble upon: Stumble upon is a social platform where we can share our content, ideas, memory, and many more what we want to share.

Medium: The medium is also a multi blogging platform, there is lots of content shared by many people. Here we can publish anything we want, the most important thing is the audience. Every day there visits lots of people, through content publishing we can convert the numbers of the audience from there. Also can make backlinks even though all backlinks here are nofollow.

Pinterest: Pinterest is an image-sharing website, where we can get an image backlink by sharing our website images.

Instagram: Instagram is also an image-sharing website, here we also can share images for targeting the interested in different areas.

Myspace: My space is a social platform, where we can share our podcast, audio to the largest community of people.



4. Bing Business Place


Bing business place is another very powerful business listing platform. That is to help put your business or service information on there. This is similar to Google GMB (Google my business) service. But not the same features because some of the features are different, but both are separate platforms.


What is a Bing business place?

Bing place is a free platform where we will list business information, like Name, Address, and Phone number, and write a description to inform the local consumers about the business.


How can we benefit from using Bing place?

There have many benefits of Bing place to easy understanding, I point out some main topic that is you can achieve these in below:

  • Increase organic traffic.
  • Add a website link then get a strong backlink.
  • Grow the business with zero investment.
  • Bing’s competition is lower compared with other places like Google.
  • You can gain faster results within a short time.
  • Customer feedback builds trust.
  • Locate the place properly.


What are the steps of the listing?

Through several steps you can create a Bing listing, I just try to discuss some points such as:

  • Search Bing place on the search engine.
  • Click the “get started” button to start the listing.
  • Login there with a Microsoft-provided email id.
  • Claim your listing if it already has, otherwise creates a  new listing.
  • Manage the listing with proper information.
  • Verify the listing as real ownership.

So Bing place is a good platform to list your business information at no cost. By giving a small effort you can get an effective response from local consumers.


5. Yahoo Business listing


This listing is the same as Google and Bing listing, it’s a way to submit your business information on the yahoo business place.


What is Yahoo’s place?

Yahoo is a search engine generally, as every popular search engine provides a business listing opportunity for local businesses. It is totally free and easy to operate.


What are the benefits of Yahoo listing?

I already told many more things about the business listing like Google and Bing. So it’s is not much than them, some benefits of Yahoo listing such as:

  • The marketing cost is zero.
  • Locate the targeted consumers.
  • Easy to use.
  • Getting a back-link. 
  • Help to easily rank the Google and Bing place.
  • Connect with lots of people. 
  • Get consumer feedback and valuable review.
  • Lead in the local market.


Important steps of the Yahoo listing

If you want to place business information into the Yahoo directory then you should take some steps that are necessary, for example:

  • Find the Yahoo place to list the business. 
  • Login to your yahoo mail.
  • Start the listing with the proper information.
  • Manage the listings of all information.
  • Adding huge images that will help to rank.
  • Verification of the listing to the correct owner.
  • Optimize the business information with proper SEO optimization.

These are the main steps to Yahoo business listing, so keep in touch with that and build a strong listing to local presence. It will help to determine the targeted customers.


6. Use a video submission site


Video submission is a powerful strategy on off-page SEO, as well as on-page SEO. The video is important for off-page because the video has an effect to get real visitors to a website. Video submission means uploading your video on some popular websites like YouTube and other video-sharing sites.


Why video submission?

Video submission is a video marketing concept to publish helpful content. At the same time, this is a great way of branding a business worldwide. The main beneficial reasons for video submission, like:

  • Branding a new business or an existing one.
  • Help people to know new things about the business.
  • Reach a huge amount of customers. 
  • To achieve trust.

For the described reasons video submission is important, it makes your business proper publicity.

What are the benefits of video submission for effective SEO?

For a business or website better grow the video submission is a valuable strategy for applying the SEO strategy rather than other media marketing. There have some attractive benefits to applying this process are below, for example:

  • Getting high-quality backlinks through the process.
  • Go to highly targeted customers.
  • Earn money by video monetizing, it will have your extra income source.
  • Get customers from the video-sharing site.
  • Earn by affiliate marketing.
  • Generate targeted leads that help lifetime money earning.
  • Rank the video on the search engine result page.
  • Help to know the customer’s feedback.
  • Finding the faults of your business model, then make a decision.
  • Building a relationship with similar businesses and customers.
  • To establish a brand.
  • Video submission is a totally free method.

So we saw some important reasons and benefits of the video submission. It is just a free way to the marketing and branding of a  business. In the current time, the defined ways are very effective to create a brand.


7. Submitting an image is the best way


In off-page SEO techniques, image submission is a way of doing off-page SEO perfectly through image submission. The image will generate reliability, trust, and authority as well as getting backlinks from other sites.


The   effective benefits of image submission

We know the image is a way to effective marketing as well as another way of off-page SEO, that I had already talked a little bit about the thing. Now I show some true reasons for the image submission such as:

  • Get unlimited back-link from many sites.
  • Rank the image with the same keyword of content, which is helping to get visitors from there.
  • submit info-graphics and rank that on SERP.
  • Image search helps to generate targeted audiences.
  • There are many image submission websites,  submit different images, and get a special impression for a keyword ranking.
  • Every day many people visit the image sites, so this is a very good advantage to get visitors from there.
  • Increase trustability.
  • Generate a lot of money.
  • Get high-quality backlinks from related business sites.

What are the processes of submitting an image?

  • Don’t use copyright images.
  • Proper optimization with SEO.
  • Use targeted keywords and rename them with that.
  • Create infographics for your content.
  • Compress the image before submitting it.
  • Upload the image with a high DA and PA site.

So these are the main processes of image submission and get the backlink. Image submission is a strategy for building high DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority) with the search engine to get a ranking on the SERP first page.


8. Doing blog commenting 


Blog commenting is a powerful technique to build backlinks. This is a process to put a response on a similar website. This work ensures good web behavior and builds a connection with other bloggers. That helps to know each other on the internet platform.


What are the advantages of blog commenting?

If I tell about the benefits of blog commenting, there are lots of things, so I talk about this on by on, for example:

  • Get valuable backlinks.
  • Connect with the other bloggers.
  • Discuss the problem.
  • To get a targeted audience.
  • A very good way to build authority.


What is the process of blog commenting?

Blog commenting is an off-page SEO technique there have  ways of blog commenting, such as:

  • Finding your site-related blog.
  • Read carefully the content.
  • Ask questions in the comments.
  • Use greetings to the writers.


What should I avoid?

  • Don’t spam in the comments.
  • Stop commenting on irrelevant sites.
  • Don’t use links in the comment.
  • You shouldn’t copy and paste others’ comments.

Commenting is a sensitive thing because of some matter of spamming. There is a huge chance to get a comment as spam. So try to follow all the correct processes of blog commenting and get a perfect rank.


9. Use a question-answer site

People visited which place to question and answer that called question and answer sites, someone asked a question and someone answered that. Now, this kind of site is very important, it helps to rank many answers on the search engine and drive real visitors from there. This site also helps you to do off-page SEO for your site.


How do question and answer sites help off-page SEO?

Already we are known about off-page SEO there has a strong strategy for the SEO world to using the question-answer site has several benefits such as:

  • Finding the targeted valuable keywords that are asked by people.
  • By answering the question you can link up your website.
  • Get a high-quality backlink.
  • Already huge people connected to these kinds of sites.
  • Help to get lots of visitors from there.
  • Branding yourself and your business all over the world.
  • Catch permanent customers from there.
  • Rank the answer on SERP.
  • Reached the information to the targeted audience.
  • Increase in selling products or services.
  • connected with the experts.

What are the major question-answer sites? 

Now there are a number of question and answer sites but I have shown some important sites that are very popular,  for example.

  • (the most popular site in the world especially for questing and answer).
  • Wiki. answer
  • fund advice
  • Askville
  • Answer Bank
  • AskDeb
  • Answerbag
  • Anybody Out There
  • Ask Me Help Desk


So this was a short description of the question and answer sites. It just does for the off-page SEO perfectly to your site. If you visit a site like then there are lots of questions and answers to your topic. Just set up an account and start the work. You would see a good result after some months, on the blogging world it’s very strong signs on the web that it is developing a strong career and beginning popularity.


10. Link exchange

Link exchange is a technique to share links on a related website that works as a relevant content referral link. This is a good process of link building, the technique is you can point a link with other sites, which sites are related to your website. Just contact them and ask to give a link from your site instead you want a link from their sites.


Which are the general rules for link exchange?

There is a need to follow proper rules to link exchange with a website like:

  • Exchange link with the related content.
  • Use anchor text for linking. 
  • Indicate true information.
  • Linking with the authority site.
  • Contact the bloggers to share your site.
  • Request to link with the related content.
  • Communication with website owners for regular updates.
  • Trying with many websites.
  • Don’t spam.

We know link building is a very effective process for ranking your website and also getting authority from search engines. So there are many strategies to do this work, but I think the link exchange strategy is a good way to achieve a higher authoritative value to the search engine.

What is needed to avoid while exchanging the link?

  • Avoid low authority sites.
  • Don’t link on which sites are not related to you.
  • Be careful with search engine rules to create a backlink.

So this is important work for every blogger who wants to high rank their site on the SERP. Carefully exchange the link with others’ sites to get the perfect result.


11. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a way to branding yourself and a backlink-creating process, as well as the service or product. Guest blogging means writing something on a related website. Typically it’s a good way to build links and achieve popularity in the internet world.


How to do guest blogging?

There are some steps to starting a guest blogging, I write here what about the guest blogging to find a website to post something,  like:

Step -1: Finding the guest post blog, where you want to post.

Step -2: Find the relevant website with your topic, to find the blog follow this

Search something, for example.

Keyword “guest post”

Keyword “guest post for”

Keyword “guest post to”

Keyword “guest post submits”

Keyword “guest post list”

Keyword “guest post guidance”

Step -3: Write a post with  niche and deliver possible information on there 

Step -4: Indicate your website with anchor text on the other hand link your profile where it has detailed about you.

Step -5: Link the related content of your site with the internal linking SEO practices.

Step -6: Suggest some authority persons and site into the content

Step -7: Optimize the content with the following proper SEO guideline.

Step -8: Finally post the content on the site.

What are the benefits of guest posting?

We know guest posting is a parallel way of publishing content as well as your site. So there are a number of benefits to the guest posting, like;

  • Building a high-quality backlink.
  • Achieving the authority of your sites.
  • To get the number of traffic.
  • Generate targeted leads.
  • Introduce the same industry people.
  • Increase your popularity.
  • Make website authority. 
  • Help to rank with targeted keywords.


Some free popular guest posting site list:

  • Marketing Tech News 
  • SEO Hacker
  • Search Engine Land
  • Hubspot
  • Content Marketing Institute
  • OutBrain
  • Search Engine People
  • eLearning Magazine
  • TechsInfo
  • TechBuzzTalk
  • Growmap
  • Famous Bloggers
  • Copyblogger
  • Daily Blog Tips
  • Web Designer Depot
  • TechJeny 


So this is the short tale about guest blogging, which is very popular now, through the techniques. We can generate targeted audiences as well as established authority from the search engine. To gain the ranking for some keywords, this is the other way to achieve backlinks beyond creating an influence on the people that are helping to gain long-term goals. Following the guidance and doing guest posting on your site becomes the authority.


12. Forum posting

A forum is a kind of website where there is a discussion about problems. There are several forum sites that are used for the same kinds of discussion about many things. This is a community to share the problem and discuss something, that is helping people to properly know about a topic. So it’s a good way to create a backlink to getting authority from search engines and also visitors.

Why forum posting?

Forum posting has many benefits. There are some reasons to use the tactics of forum posting, such as;

  • Building a high-quality backlink.
  • Discussing problems and solutions.
  • Creating a community where the related visitors there have the same time.
  • Getting targeted consumers.
  • Solving problems publicly.
  • Discussion with expert people.
  • Branding yourself worldwide.
  • Speared your knowledge.
  • Practicing best content writing.


What are the steps for doing forum posting?

There have some steps to forum posting, like:

Step -1: Identify the forum by the search on the search engine.

Step -2: Registration on there and fillup all possible information. 

Step -3: Discuss something here about your topic.

Step -4: Link up your portfolio link and connect with that.

Step -5: Optimize the content with proper SEO practices.

Step -6: Finally maintain regularity.

 These are the process of forum posting but not at all, some method has here. I told about important things to practice the process and posting forums for the best result.


13. Broken link building 

Broken link building is a technique to build a backlink on the website to replace the link that is already dead. This process is ensuring to remove the unhealthy link with a healthy one.


What is a broken link building?

It’s a tactic to build high-quality links with the niche-related site by finding their broken link and then link up another link with the content to indicate relevance on the live content.

How does it help to rank?

This is a process to build high-quality and reliable backlinks. Its help by many ways a website for, example: 

  • Easy process to get the backlink.
  • Increasing the visitors to the website. 
  • Help to achieve authority from the search engine.


What are the steps to that?

There are some steps to broken link building I discuss all steps shortly, like:

Steps -1: Finding the website which is related to your content.

Step -2: Finding the broken link. 

Step -3: Select a keyword for the backlink. 

Step -4: Write simple content with proper SEO optimization.

Step -5: Contact the blog owner to link up with this content or ask for a link there.

Step-6: Finally, check the link when it’s out.

What do you care about?

  • Just take the relevant site. 
  • Don’t spam. 
  • Linkup with good content. 
  • Don’t indicate incorrect information.
  • Don’t try to direct conversion.

The whole process of the broken link building is a wonderful way to get the backlink. It’s not rocket science just following the simple steps, then try it on your website. I believe that you will gain great success.


14. Web 2.0 submission

Web 2.0 submission is a technique to share your website’s content with many free sites. That process helps to generate visitors and valuable backlinks.


Why web 2.0 submissions?

This is a special way of sharing huge content and pages with many high authority-free sites. As well as some other benefits are here, for example:

  • Creating natural backing.
  • Getting more visitors to your page.
  • Totally free of cost to do the work.
  • Build a high authority.
  • Share content with many sites.


What are the ways to do this?

This way is similar to the previous ways that I already told, after that, I just tell about web 2.0 submission by showing some steps, such as:

Step -1: Find some profile citation sites, free blog sites,s, and other sites. Where you will create an account and make a post.

Step -2: Create a post and link your site.

Step -3: Keep regular activities with which sites you are selected for web 2.0 submission.

Step -4: Answer the visitor’s query properly. 

Step -5: Optimize those sites with proper SEO rules.

List of web 2.0 sites



What should we care about?

Deeply aware of some matters that are helping to stop unwanted occurrence while web 2.0 submission, like:

  • Don’t go spam.
  • Avoid over-optimization.
  • To deliver true and effective content.
  • Maintain a proper regular activity.
  • Don’t try to directly impress people.
  • Never share a direct link without any content.
  • Share images and video content.
  • Start a free consulting session

If you are very careful about all things, then in the end all processes are helpful to achieve success on the web 2.0 submissions. As well as it influences your main website to create success.


15. Directory submission

Directory submission is fully concerning work through using the internet. Many directory sites here to list information about different kinds of business. This is a way of finding the necessary information from there.


Why directory submission?

The directory submission process to use a submit website to another site. There is a need to save business information and description on a particular website. For example, to better understand you have a tech blog, so store the website information with the proper category. There are two types of directory submissions like free and paid.

Free: Free submission means you can submit business information for free of cost. There are many sites to give free opportunities, so just use that website to submit your business information. Although every free website has a premium plan to rank the listing on the top of the site.

Paid: Paid submission means that summit the information by paying money that helps to instant approve and showing the result on the top place in the directory site.


How to benefit from the submission?

The submission helps to improve the off-page SEO as well. It’s enhancing the ranking on the SERP. Moreover, there are some other opportunities for submission, such as:

  • Help for off-page SEO doing better.
  • Building a high-quality backlink.
  • Easily finding the business information through the listing by the consumers. 
  • Creating an easy way to communicate. 
  • Reached to the targeted customers.
  • Enhance the visitors’ activity.


What are the steps of directory submission?

To do directory submission has some simple steps to listing the information, like:

Step -1: Finding a quality website.

Step -2: Visit the selected website.

Step -3: Select the exact category for your website according to the business or service.

Step -4: Click the relevant site to send your website URL and description.

Step -5: Verify the listing through the submission.

Step -6: Keep regular activity on the website. 


Don’t try this thing

  • Don’t try to spam.
  • Submit the website with the exact category.
  • Give the right address and information.
  • Use SEO-friendly titles.


List of some directory sites

  • Best of the Web
  • locations
  • Manta
  • Thumbtack
  • Yahoo listing 
  • Bing listing
  • Yelp
  • Foursquare
  • Yellow Pages
  • HotFrog
  • Superpages
  • Better Business Bureau
  • eLocal
  • Google My Business
  • CitySearch
  • Yellowbook
  • Yellowbot
  • CommunityWalk

So directory submission is a wonderful SEO technique, that is a better practice for off-page SEO. All the process helps to get a better ranking on the SERP. so be careful about that.


16. Content submission

Content submission or article submission site use for publishing content with the free promotion to help marketing business this process creating brand awareness to publish articles. Where many people visit every day for the query.


What is content submission? 

Content submission is a technique to submit content on the most popular website for free. This is a wonderful way to create a high-quality backlink as well as gain the first ranking on the organic search to connect with various people, cultures, and organizations.

So this way is very effective in branding a business or services to submit information with interested people. Who wants to know information for their business growth or needs a service to promote something on the web?

How can we benefit from article submission for a website?

Article submission creating special visibility on the internet is a powerful method to boost a business or a service. There are many opportunities to submit articles, such as:

  • Enhance the visibility of the website on search engines.
  • Creating a high-quality backlink. 
  • Promoting business or service by totally free.
  • Get high domain authority. 
  • Increase the targeted audience.
  • A way to impress people to take a service or product.

What are the steps to doing article submission for free?

There are two types of article submission sites “no follow and do follow” so searching for the do-follow sites for doing the work. I tell them some steps are:

Step -1: Find some content article submission sites.

Step -2: Write short content about 1000 words or more but not long, because these sites majority of visitors don’t read long content.

Step -3: Contact the blog owner if he accepts the article that you want to publish.

Step -4: Optimize the content with proper SEO.

Step -5: Linked your website-related content and profile into the content.

Step -6: Share the content on the other site.

Step -7: Proper nursing the listing

So there are the processes of the article submission, to achieve the goal and improve the website ranking as well as building the proper authority.


17. Take an interview

In the digital marketing field SEO interview is a valuable thing for building links and marketing a business & service on other related websites. In the search engine optimization process it’s a self-branding technique to publish an interview and get a referral link. This is not a new thing, it’s been going on for many years. still working in the off-page SEO area. 

What is interview taking in SEO?

Interview taking is a technique, where you discuss some of SEO’s questions and answer with an SEO expert. While the discussion is written and published on the website that is called interview taking and publishing. It’s just a strategy of a few questions and answers that are taken with an expert person.


What kinds of questions need to be asked?

There are many questions but all that is not important and effective there has some effective SEO questions that are pointed out, such as:

  • Why SEO is important for a business.
  • What is the new trend in SEO?
  • How to achieve a better SEO goal for a website.
  • What are the effective methods of on-page and off-page SEO to be successful?
  • How to do better SEO for a website.
  • What is the future of SEO? 
  • Share your experiment about the field.


Why we need SEO tools, and what are the best SEO tools.

The best SEO tools now the time this is a  little question, but important just need an answer from an expert to write an interview. The SEO question is straight forward which helps to understand the main concept of SEO.

What are its benefits of using SEO tools?

  • Help to get an exchange link.
  • Enhance your site trust.
  • Deeply understand SEO from experts.
  • Rank on the SERP, then get many visitors.

What are the processes?

  • Searching for an SEO expert.
  • Take an appointment with them. 
  • Take the interview on time.
  • Publish the interview record on your site.

This is all about taking an interview with an expert, so follow the guideline and publish on your site to achieve trust and reliability as well as proper rank.


18. Search engine submission

Website submission to the search engine is an important thing, it helps to properly index the site and rank that on the top result of (SERP). It is a wonderful technique to submit a website and resolve issues.


What is search engine submission?

Search engine submission is a manual system that is held to submit a website to the search engine manually. There are many search engines that give the opportunity to submit a website or page as well as control the webpage indexing and finding issues then fix it.


What are the benefits of search engine submission?

Many benefits of search engine submission, we can get lots of advantages  from the search engine, some are discussed here, for example:

  • Help to index a website properly.
  • If there are many errors then fix it.
  • Submit sitemap.
  • Check the speed of the site.
  • See the responsiveness of the site.
  • Repair the site speed.
  • Monitoring the overall site behaviors.

Moreover, there are many benefits to submission. We just discuss some important points that are helpful.


What are the processes to search engine submissions?

By following some steps to submit the website pages, post, project, testimonial and etc to the popular search engine. Every search engine has its own webmaster tool just used to submit it.  I’ll talk about the topic step by step process below.

Step -1: Select a search engine to submit website information. 

Step -2: Login into the system.

Step -3: Monitoring the activity of the submitted website.

So this is all about search engine submission. These processes help to solve problems, monitoring, and do SEO  for the website more effectively. Try the processes and follow the guideline on your site for a better result.


19. Documents sharing

When we are thinking about SEO, just remember there are many documents needed to do perfect optimization. Because every document is content so in the meantime while I am talking about a document really indicates the content.


What are the documents sharing?

Documents sharing is a way to share documental content on the free documents sharing site. It’s very helpful to publish different kinds of content like (pdf, ppt, image, infographics, audio, video, and so on) with the free platform

What are the benefits of document sharing? 

  • Connect with a high authority site.
  • Get a high-quality backlink.
  • Help other people to know the information. 
  • Get visitors from many sites.
  • Achieve authority.
  • Totally a freeway.


Steps of documents submission 

  • Select some high authority sites. 
  • Create a pdf and slide.
  • Linkup targeted page or site with the documents.
  • Finally submit the documents.
  • Optimize that with proper on-page SEO.
  • Submit many different kinds of content on different sites.


What to avoid when submitting a document?

  • Don’t publish the same documents on more than a site.
  • Publishing different kinds of content is a  good idea.
  • No consideration for the poor content.

So these are the overall process of document submitting on the document submitting website. It’s very helpful to achieve a higher rank and lots of visitors to get free content access. The entire website has high-quality articles that are given high authority value.


20. Submit a press release

The press release is a good idea but it’s no longer a strategy if there will happen any spamming. In the process, it is not an easy task but if you manage and follow all the rules then a single press release will generate a huge audience.


What is a press release?

According to the SEO rules press release is a technique to help the content publish in the newspaper and similar kinds of platforms. A very powerful way to get a backlink for a lifetime as well as get lots of visitors, it sends to your website.


How can we get an advantage of the press release? 

  • Publish your content with a big number of people.
  • Scale up to getting a backlink.
  • To have many consumers.
  • Increase popularity. 
  • See too many responses.


What are the processes of the press release?

There are many processes to develop content, then publish on popular press release sites there are some steps, like:

Steps -1: Finding the press release site. 

Step -2: Contact the journalist.

Step -3: Send them the content by mail.

Step -4: When publishing it then review it.

I told an overall process shortly that all are very helpful. Who want to do press releases for their website, or publish themselves intended to gain popularity. So try it properly and achieve your goal.


21. Use viral content

Viral content is a trend, which means the current popular content. So this kind of content helps to generate targeted audiences for your business.


What is viral content?

Viral is trendy content that helps to generate organic visitors, which content is written for the intended purpose of a current people’s query. 


Benefits of viral content?

  • Fill in the current query of people.
  • To be aware of the visitor expectation according to the current trend.
  • Generate new consumers.
  • Targeting interested people by sharing various things that are relevant to your website. 
  • Make lots of money from highly biased people.

How to do it?

Doing that with the proper way, already  I describe it with some processes that are helpful to all for creating successful viral content for achieving better success, the technique is, such as:

Step -1: Generate a viral content idea using some online tools like buzz-sumo (if you search on the internet then will find other sites like this).

Step -2: See the search volume of the contents.

Step -3: Write content with proper on-page SEO optimization.

Step -4: Publish the content with targeted keywords.


Be aware of something 

  • Don’t follow which content’s search volume is low.
  • Stop spamming. 
  • Don’t over SEO.
  • Target the interested audience.

All the process of viral content writing at every point helps to generate a special client for your business. That is ensuring to earn passive money and get overall success. So these are all about off-page SEO that are I already told, you can learn more about off-page SEO techniques by yourself.



Finally! In this article, I discussed 21 easy guides to off-page SEO strategies. All of these are very easy and important to definitive tasks. Everything I try to elaborate in a simple way and easy. I believe that it helps to generate the targeted backlinks as well as achieve the targeted audience you can get free help from here. For more, I again remember all the points, like:

  1. Google my business listing
  2. Other local business listings like (Yahoo, Bing, and so on)
  3. Social media submission 
  4. Bing business place
  5. Yahoo business listing
  6. Video submission site
  7. Submission image is the best way
  8. Doing blog commenting
  9. Use question-answer site
  10. Link exchange
  11.  Guest blogging
  12. Forum posting
  13. Broken link building
  14.  Web 2.0 submission
  15. Directory submission
  16. Content submission
  17.  Take an interview
  18.  Search engine submission
  19. Document sharing 
  20.  Submit press release
  21. Use viral content


Those processes I had clearly told about doing off-page SEO better. Which helps to successfully a business by getting more visitors. Doing every possible good off-page SEO technique, do they have a little suggestion from the expert? If you are doing SEO by yourself or through an agency, then it should check out all the things that are discussed already.

Every step is helping you to gain higher authority and ranking as well as getting customers to increase sales. To get the overall success of your business through off-page SEO, get help from an SEO expert, who can generate a huge bug for you.

The most important thing is the revision of your website’s off-page SEO thrice time in a year because you have to monitor your competitors. Always try to pass your rank, if you take proper action at the correct time then your ranking will gain first position day by day.

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