Now people are very tensed about free traffic sources for the website, everybody is thinking about how to get more visitors for free. Generally, there are two ways to get traffic: one is paid method, in there you have to spend to get traffic.


The strategy is more money and more traffic. And the other method is SEO it’s a completely free method, basically, if I called it only a free method then it would be wrong. 

If I sharply tell you about that, then SEO means a complete process of writing content, publishing content, doing SEO, and getting visitors from various platforms on the web.

So totally these are mainly two-source that already I have told.

Basic Web Traffic Method

Method-1: SEO Free Traffic Sources to Get Unlimited Traffic. 

Moreover, there are still many ways to get a lot of visitors for free. Sometimes I saw people are very depressed about traffic and asked me for SEO.

They have a website but didn’t get a rank yet. I write the guide for those who want to know out of the box about the targeted audience. 

Method-2: Paid marketing like

  • social media promotion
  • search engine marketing 
  • email marketing,
  • paid promotion on other platforms and so on.


Didn’t SEO Important?


Obviously, SEO is one of the best free traffic sources for every website to get many visitors, every day and month. But SEO isn’t everything because there are many ways to enhance the website’s unique audience without any rank. Learn an on-page SEO guide for beginners


What are the best free traffic sources for websites?

Here I have discussed the best free traffic sources for websites or landing pages.

  1. Youtube
  2. Quora
  3. Create Free Course
  4. Guest Posting
  5. Email Marketing
  6. Free Book
  7. Presentation slide
  8. Pinterest
  9. Medium
  10. Social Media


How can we get unique visitors without SEO?


Ok, I will answer all the questions one by one. Let’s start with the best free website traffic sources.


1. YouTube

I think you know about youtube, when I write this content every month 35 billion and more visitors come to the site. This is one of the best places to get a number of free traffic.  If you have a website and are thinking of more visitors then use youtube,  First, you should start a youtube channel.

How can we benefit from Youtube?

You can benefit from youtube in many ways. I will give some examples to clearing the matter.

Such as:


Benefit-1: YOu can earn passive money by monetizing the video.


Benefit-2: Show ads in local and international companies by yourself. 


Benefit-3: Promote affiliate products like, put your affiliate link directly into the description box, and get sales. 


Benefit-4: I believe it’s one of the benefits for you to get unlimited visitors to your website. If you linked your website into the video and description they will get 35% to 45% visitors every month above the total. So easily can promote your niche or affiliate website.


Benefits-5: You can easily start a SAAS business based on your audience, who have already connected with you. 


Benefit-6: A wonderful way to branding yourself. To make your popularity with the worldwide audience. If you are willing to do a custom project then will do it.


The most important fact is that you will be an influencer. So make a youtube video for today, not tomorrow, and grow your business by the fantastic opportunity. 


2. Quora

Quora is a question-and-answer site, the second most powerful free traffic source in the world. People can ask questions and other answers the question. Every month nearly 600 million people visit the site. 

How to get real traffic for my website from quora?

Do you have a website? And do you want real targeted visitors from quora? You have to follow some basic rules to write questions and answers on quora. 


Because quora are not like the other platforms, it’s very sensitive, if you made any mistake then high chances without warning your account will suspend. Lets, I discuss content creation and publish it on quora.


Step-1: Search your topic-related question on quora. Search question or answer according to your niche, select a question which has already been ranked on search engines result. Because the technique will help you to get more visitors from search.


Step-2: Write an answer based on the question and try to give detailed information which is really helping people. So that people can be inspired and share your content on others’ platforms. 


Step-3: Apply on-page SEO rules into the content, title, heading, keyword ratio, inbound and outbound linking. 

Step-4: Share on your other media. 

Search your topic-related question on quora, now the question is How to find the most effective and more valuable question? Follow these three techniques to select the best question for your topic. 

  • Take the question which is viewed highly on quora. 
  • Search the question in google,  if found quora answer then keep the question otherwise avoid that.
  • If not found on google then check the question search volume. If it’s high then take that.
  • Try to take the question which is mostly viewed but very few people have answered. Because it helps to get more views. 


How to write a unique answer?

When your question is selected then write unique content. I repeat your content should be copyright-free, note down the point it’s important. The reason is that genuine content gives the actual values on quora and other search engines. 

To write SEO-friendly and highly readable content you should follow some rules of on-page SEO, let’s checkout. 

  • Select a proper title based on your targeted question including keywords.
  • Put keywords by following on-page SEO rules. 
  • Set a short paragraph.
  • Separate the paragraph by different needs. 
  • Try to cover all possible pieces of information.
  • Don’t try to spam (misleading or wrong information )
  • Add an image with the content.
  • Add a video with the content, if there is no video of yours then you have to make a video and publish it on youtube, then share the video into the answer.

Remember: When you are a newbie on quora, don’t try to share so many links into your content. I recommend the first one month to write a minimum of 60 answers without sharing any link.

After one month you can share links but have to answer regularly. The most important factor is don’t share more links into a small answer, also you can share more links into a big answer.

Share every single answer on all of your social media profiles. 

After submitting the answer share some of the answers with all of your social profiles, where you have the authority. It helps to more interact with your audience. I wrote on quora you may follow that.


3. Create Free Course

A free course is a great way to get lots of audiences. Can you imagine every day how many people are looking for a free course? People have a fancy about free courses. 

If you can create a free course then it will be a good source of visitors for your website. There are many platforms like Udemy, Udacity, Skillshare, Lynda, and so on. But I prefer Udemy because the platform is very reputed and popular. 

What are the benefits of a free course?

  • Branding yourself in targeted audiences worldwide.
  • To get a number of free visitors.
  • It creates a big authority for you.
  • Increase audience trust.
  • Help to get a permanent client.
  • Earn passive affiliate commission. 


Where will I publish the course?

If I tell my opinion then you should publish that on Udemy. The main purpose for telling about the platform has 100 million-plus visitors every month, or you can create several courses targeting the other platform, like:

  • Skillshare
  • Coursera
  • Your own website.
  • Skillpoint
  • And others

So select a platform from here or you can also choose one more place to publish your content. Try to publish something new and a unique tutorial, which will help to interact with more students.


4. Guest Posting 

Don’t be confused about guest posting, guest posting means publishing your content on your niche-related websites.

What is guest posting?

Guest posting is a method to write content for other people’s blog for free, select that site which is related to your site. 

What are the benefits of guest posting?

There are several benefits of guest posting such as:

  • To create backlinks.
  • Engaged with a board number of audience 
  • Get more free traffic.
  • Branding yourself.
  • To get unique targeted visitors.
  • Branding your website properly. 

How can we find my niche-related guest blogging website?

  • Your topic “guest posting” you can use these parameters for finding your niche-related site. 
  • Or search on the internet there you will find more websites for guest posting. 


5. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best way to get a free audience. Also find one of the best ways to reach the targeted audience.

How to collect email lists?

Ok, there are many ways to collect email, I will show some techniques 

  • On our website you can use an email subscription form, there can ask visitors to email subscrip[tion so that they can join your free course. 

  • In your youtube video description, you can put the link and tell visitors, hey if you want to get more information like this, then subscribe to your mail here. We will send a regular update to you.

  • Collect email by email generator but it’s not a very effective way, you can find the specific email list and send them a cold email.

  • Buying an email list, I don’t suggest the method anymore. If you think you haven’t enough time to find the email lists. Then you can take the last step to collect the email list. Because something is better than nothing. 


6. Write Free Book

Which content you have published on your website, just create a different Ebook for every particular article, then submit that on a pdf submission website and also on your website. Set an option to download a free Ebook. 

When writing a book point out your every content and services thereby your website link. This is a very popular method to get unlimited visitors from many sources.


7. Presentation slide 

Presentation slide is another important content idea to get free traffic which content already published, means ppt into that. Don’t forget to link your other contents.

After creating, publish the ppt on SlideShare, because this is a platform where so many people visit every day. So you can get lots of audience from there.


8. Pinterest

Pinterest is a photo-sharing website, you can share as much as images you want. Every month billions of visitors visit the website.

How can I get visitors from Pinterest?

  • Publish your niche-related photos on Pinterest, create pins and boards to relate your content and with the keywords which you have used in your content. 

  • Divided the existing writing content part by part with different photos. 
  • Finally stored the photos on the various boards and pins.

If you properly use Pinterest, you will get lots of actionable audiences from there.


9. Medium 

Medium is a blogging website to publish your content free. A wonderful place to get lots of audience for your website or business. 

What strategy should I follow to write content on medium?

  • Write content according to your existing content. It will help to keep the attraction of real people.
  • Post something unique.
  • You can also post existing content here.
  • Better follow your targeted keywords and on-page seo.


10. Social Media

Use popular social media, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn. Every day millions of visitors come to these sites. 

If you increase your activities there then you can get unlimited visitors from there. And most advantages are gradually building a community that will trust you permanently and becomes your lifetime audience. 



Follow the 10 strategies properly. If you do everything better then you will get lots of visitors every month from various channels.

Easily can monetize the audience by Adsense, affiliate product, courses, E-book, and many more things. The most important thing is branding yourself and creating a worldwide audience. 

Remember if you have a group of people who are interested in your content, then you can easily build a business based on the audiences. Because in the internet business journey audience is the core concept and their satisfaction is first. To be happy blogging. 


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