The complete summary of local SEO strategy for local businesses. There obviously Importance in the local SEO for a local business. There are many businesses in the world that need proper local SEO strategies to grow their business using internet media. 

The local SEO strategy covers traditional marketing as well as online marketing. Therefore the procedure combines many kinds of key factors of internet marketing, like local SEO, search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing. Every key point is important for local business. This way is just implemented for local businesses or services. 

There I have discussed the strategy of local SEO is ensuring your business’s strong presence on the web. This is a way to generate more customers using digital media. The local business already has many competitors. 


If we want to overtake the competitors for considering the top position on the search result. So for this, we need a proper work procedure to better local SEO strategy and understand the importance of local SEO. Which techniques help to get the targeted customer for local business. We need a proper digital marketing strategy for the local SEO in the internet marketing platforms to engage with our targeted customers.

We can do our business in many ways, but some common components are needed for the primary level. First We need a website if you don’t have one. There are some other ways to continue marketing without a website.  


When we have a website, then they have to apply some procedure of local SEO to increase sales. To do SEO for a local business, there are needs some steps, 

First: We should have a google my business page. The page is for listing your business information.

Second: We need a local SEO strategy to optimize our website. Local SEO has some parameters that help us to easily engage with visitors ranking our website in local search. 

Third: Next step is social media, so social media presence is very important. Because most people have engaged in social media. From this perspective, we have to create a social media presence for our business. 

Next, we need content, there are many different types of content, but most important is writing content, video content, images, and audio content which are good for local SEO to rank a local business on the search engines for the specific areas. Let’s discuss the local SEO. I think this is very important for digital marketing in local businesses.



What is Local SEO?

Local search engine optimization is a process to rank a website in a local region (it will be businesses or services which you are offering for clients) on a search engine’s result page. The main difference between traditional SEO and local SEO is that traditional SEO is targeting visitors worldwide.

But Local SEO targets a specific city or a country or several regions in a country. The main concept of both is the same. SEO is a big area platform, the main concept is content. Publishing the content on a website or any other social platform by following proper search engine rules. Every rule is related to some other rules. 


Why Local SEO strategy needs?

In the previous, I talked about local SEO for local businesses. So the thing is important, why is local SEO important? Suppose, If a person has a business and he wants to grow the business targeted locally and also wants to increase sales much more,  then he needs local SEO if he has a website. 

This is a trend in online sales, people are searching for services or products or information online. Because it’s very easy to find anything from anywhere. When they search and see some results about their expectations. 

If your business is in the search result, then you will get some customers from there. If they choose your product, then chances are very high to buy something from you. The process is also creating branding and saving the marketing cost. If you think the process is difficult then get help there, you will get all the possible help to implement local SEO for your business. 


Importance of local SEO

In the importance of local SEO, I discuss with an example, local SEO can provide targeted customers. According to Google’s report of 90 percent of searches are from local search results. 58 percent of searches are done daily. So there is a huge opportunity to get more customers by ranking a website in local search. 

For example, suppose you want to increase sales. So what should you do about that? there is a need for some customers to sell that or some have there who wanted to buy your products or services. Where does the customer come from? Most of them from organic search. 


If you apply a local SEO strategy to reach the targeted local customers for selling products or services. Then the local ranking will help to get lots of customers in the future. Most of the customers have an online presence, so there is a huge opportunity to connect them in your business. 

They are searching on google and other search engines or social media to get services or products.  A number of people spent their free time on social media and other media. So this technology revolution, human behavior has totally changed. And also that will change day by day. If your online activity is good, that’ll ensure more customers and much money for your business.


What are the steps to doing local SEO for Local Business?

Digital marketing is a big thing to business growth and lots of concepts to implement to get final success. Local SEO is a part of local digital marketing so there are also some steps of local SEO for local business. I will tell you about the step-by-step local SEO strategy and the importance of local SEO to grow your business.

In the part of digital marketing also known as internet marketing, there are lots of things to do for a business to succeed. You can market your product or service by using free or paid methods. There are some free methods in the below already discussed.


Local SEO Methods

These are the several methods of local SEO for local businesses.

  1. Search engine optimization

            i) on page 

           II) off-page optimization

  1. Google my business page
  2. Local listing (NAP)
  3. Content sharing (Video, Audio, Writing, Image, Infographics, etc)
  4.  Re-targeting 


Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a technique were doing a website’s content optimization followed by search engine rules to rank that website on search engine result first page or position. When search engine optimization is done for a local website. Those websites are created intended for local business growth or service selling. That type of SEO is called Local SEO. 

I already told you about SEO in this article. Read an on-page SEO guide for beginners  The difference between the two SEO techniques like local and traditional SEO. The local SEO is targeting a specific country or city. But the traditional SEO targets some countries or worldwide. Every technique is the same, but some process is different. Search engines need to know about your website properly to index and rank on the first position.


What is the type of your site? What kinds of products or services do you offer? Your business location, which products or services have been searched by customers. So the SEO process helps the search engine to know about your website. When search engines know properly about your site, and if you follow search engine rules. 

Then your site will crawl by search engine and it will be ranked as soon. When people find you on the internet by searching for a product or service. Through the process you can get visitors from there, that will ensure the selling and become familiar in the local area with highly interested people. So this is an organic and free process. Many kinds of techniques I mentioned are very effective for local SEO for a business. You can get more sales by using the free method. 


On-page optimization for a local website

On-page optimization is a procedure to optimize a website’s inside contents, it’s targeting the real audience by mostly searched keywords. which keyword used by the visitors to search for information about something. To target the audience analysis searching data by keyword research. So that you can easily reach those types of people who search using the same keywords. 

There are some basic options for on-page optimization, these days every search engine has changed its algorithm to crawling a website. If you want to rank your website on the first page of a search engine result page, then you should follow the proper guidelines.


What is the title of SEO?

The title is a parameter that denotes the content type and summary of the content. The title helps to understand the main idea of the content. The title is the main attraction for the content. It must be good for positive expression for the visitor.


Why is title important for SEO?

When someone is searching for information, they click on the relevant title, because they decide to click the article by seeing the title. They don’t have enough time to read the full content before making a decision.

Create a title using the targeted keyword, and adding some additional keywords within the article. It helps to know the search engines about the content. Between many factors, it’s an important point to ranking pages or posts. Keep the title writing with a minimum of 30 characters and a maximum of 60 characters.


There is another factor for writing titles in a pixel range minimum of 200 pixels and a maximum of 570 pixels. Because the search engine Google and others algorithms have designed like that. Where says how a content indexing and ranking and appearing a title on the search engine result page(SERP).

The other thing is competitor, which keyword you target that shouldn’t already have lots of competitors. Apply the keyword research techniques to find low competitive keywords. That helps to rank the content within a short time. Below I discuss appropriate examples.


What are the most important factors of a title? 
  1. Create an attractive longtail keyword combined with targeted keywords. Use the keyword in the title.
  2. Add some eye-catchy words that are related to the targeted keyword.
  3. Be careful about the relevance of the title to the content.
  4. Follow the character and pixel length.
  5. Don’t copy and paste other site’s titles.
  6. It should be a unique title.
  7. It shows, what about your content.
  8. Finally, you should follow the search engine rules.


Example of a good title

Suppose my keyword is “SEO expert in Bangladesh” the keyword is highly competitive for my local region. What kinds of steps should I take to overcome the competitors?. There are some rules that are discussed already below by some steps. 

step -1. I need to create a long tail and broad match keywords. Like, adding two words in the first and the last of my targeted keyword. “Best SEO expert in Dhaka, Bangladesh “ so I created the Keyword as a long tail. Now the competitor is less for the keyword, but our main keyword is still in the keyword. So it’s an easy way to build a keyword combined into several keywords.

Step-2. Create a title using the keyword. Like “Best SEO expert in Dhaka, Bangladesh | Sheikh Monirul Hasan“ this is a good title for a competitive or less competitive keyword. There is an advantage, you can optimize the title by using a pipeline and adding another keyword or website name. Following my example title, I tried to apply the technique.

Step -3. After creating the title then checking the character and pixel length. Because this is a better way to appear your content on the search engine result page. When search engines crawl content, it is starting from the title. So if the whole process is done as per the basic rules of SEO. Then the keyword must rank on the top of the search engine result page.


Content’s Headings

Keep the proper heading ratio in your content with targeted keywords. It is very helpful to grab the SEO rank. Use targeted keywords into <h2> and some related questions in other heading like <h3> to <h6> that help to create a better table of contents. 

Another method of Local SEO for a Business

These are the methods of local SEO a business

  1. Search engine Marketing
  2. Social Media Marketing  
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Email Marketing 


1.Search engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the process of marketing something in the search engine. There are different kinds of search engines, now the most popular search engine is google.

When we are talking about search engine marketing there are some terms mostly used in the area like PPC (pay per click) which means how much money is needed for marketing your content on search engines and another is SEO which is free and already I have discussed it. 

When people find out your service or product on the web through search engines, if they click the result some money will be spent by clicking. The next is CPC (cost per click ) which means when the PPC is measured by search engine campaign tools like (google Adwords) and which content you publish in the paid search engine marketing.

It will (writing, video, image, banner, animations, infographics, etc.) that are showing different kinds of platforms in search engine affiliated platforms. So how many clicks are got and how much money have to pay per click that means the CPC. There are many search engines but the most popular are.

I. Google 

II. Yahoo

III. Bing 

The marketing process in these kinds of search engines is nearly the same, but the majority present market share is covered by Google. So if we target only google then the possibilities are high to get lots of impressions through a campaign.  Search engine marketing is a quick way to introduce your product or service to targeted people. 


2. Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing is another way of marketing to the area of digital marketing, there are many social media, we can easily target any culture or behavioral people on there.

Nowadays people are spending most of their time on social media, there are various people on social sites of their interest. So we can easily run a paid marketing campaign on social media as well as applying a free marketing method through publishing new content, perspectives of the audience interest. The best opportunity for social media is to reach the actual audience.


When many people will engage with your platform, then the marketing cost will decrease because after a certain time-specific interested people will add to our page.

When we are able to create a reputation, trust, and honesty with the audience, then they will refer to our products or services with other people. If we want to keep a strong presence in social media, it can be an easy way to create new content and publish it on social media regularly.

But one thing is very important, every time we should follow what are the demands of our audience. If we are able to create a  community of targeted people, who are interested in our product or service-related things. Then social media will be effective for us to market our product.                                             


3. Content marketing 

When we think about local SEO strategy and digital marketing, here everything means content. Actually, this marketing is a kind of content marketing. Because of what we are seeing on the web everything is content. Content marketing is a part of local SEO. Content marketing means creating content and publishing the content on a large community of people on various platforms on the internet. 

Content marketing is just a step to publish content on the web. There are many types of content like video, audio, writing, image, infographic, pdf, ppt, and so on. Content marketing is a process, where are three important things, when intended to create content, like:

I. Select a topic about what content you want to write.

II. Create every kind of possible content of the selected topic.

III. Write content according to the audience’s choice, take care of what they want, and try to fulfill their expectations.

Abide all phases create all kinds of content and publish the content on the web platform according to the content type. There is a number of free and paid marketing methods, we can easily use that method. Everything is content on the internet which we see.

There everything is content. Without content there nothing is valuable in web platforms. Content marketing means delivering those content that helps the audience. The main key point of content marketing is creating and publishing content on the web. Also can read the free traffic sources for websites. Which also helps to get more visitors to your business by marketing content.                                                             


4. Email Marketing 

Email marketing is a system to market a product or service by sending an email. This is an effective marketing method for local SEO to reach the targeted customers. A magic way of content marketing is that when new content is published then the system (which you used) automatically sends an email to notify the audience. 

It will be anything that means the product, services, informational content, video, image, and so on. That will attract real customers. Only by email marketing, we can generate royalty income, email marketing is a broad process and there are many tiny jobs. For example

I. First important thing is to generate leads, which means collecting email addresses, those addresses from the people who are interested in your product or service. There are many ways of generating leads so we should follow one or more lead generation techniques.

II. Next step is to design an attractive email template then add the message in there like image, infographics, video, writing, graphics, or so on.

III. After Completing the first and second steps, then selecting an email service provider company because we can’t send lots of emails from the free email service. So we need an email service provider company or own defined email server, where we can send the email to the audience by using the collected email address as much as we want.

So this is a short overview of email marketing activities, every step is very important and that is a set of processes you can use the method as well as the local SEO strategy. We should gather more knowledge about email marketing of the major three defined steps I have said.


5.Local Citation 

A local citation is another strategy of SEO, every country and region has some local business citation website. People can list their business for Name, Address, and Phone number listing. 

The best local SEO citation example is below:


What is the power of local citation listing?

In the local search, most of the websites showing our local citation sites so there is a good chance to get more visitors from the local listing website. Also, it will create authority for your business and website. 

So searching your area’s local listing site to your business. Definitely, you will benefit from it. 




It was a simple guide to local SEO strategy for your business. I know already you know the importance of local SEO. Read the full content carefully and implement the local SEO method for your business. Surely you will get real clients. If you have any questions, ask me or face any problems with local SEO or any other SEO-related problem. Let me here. I will try to solve your problem. 


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