Keyword research is important for SEO, it is a process to finding that keywords have search volume. I meant which keywords people are used to searching for. In the 5 free methods of keyword research, I have discussed everything about keyword research for free.  The keyword is important but sometimes we give much more effort to research keywords. We were more focused on the keywords than the content. Take the keyword research simply because it’s nothing. 

You can focus on a specific keyword in your content that has good search volume. Now search engines showing results from any parts of the article. So your keyword research doesn’t ensure a better SEO guarantee with high searched keywords. Just focus on your content. It’s more important than keywords. 


Don’t worry about keyword research. I will share five free effective keyword research methods to search for the best keywords. Showing simple steps to keyword researching. How to research effective keywords in 30 minutes with all the exact parameters of a keyword. 5 free methods of keyword research will help you to find out targeted keywords. 


I will discuss this tutorial with the 5 free methods of keyword research. For example, 


  • Brainstorming  
  • Google autosuggestion. 
  • Google suggested Questions.
  • Most relevant searched keywords. 
  • Google keyword planner.



What is keyword research?


Keyword research is a way to find the keywords that people are using to search for their information. Also, keyword research is the process of competitor analysis. There are many free and paid tools for keyword research. And manual techniques too. 


To research keywords follow the basic rules.

  • The keyword should have search volume.
  • Take long-tail keywords. (long tail keyword is a long keyword that is created by adding phrases with the main keyword).
  • See the competitors of the keyword.
  • Follow the CPC in that keyword. Because a good CPC of a  keyword help to get much money from the AdSense
  • Obviously, select the targeted country but if you target the worldwide audience then that is a different thing. 


What are the 5 free methods of keyword research? 


There are many methods and tools for keyword research. You can choose a free or paid tool or even can do it manually. But today I will discuss 5 free methods of keyword research. I believe it’s enough to find the best keyword for your website or content. 

You shouldn’t waste much time on keyword research, because the content is more important than keywords. The keyword is not a weapon to rank content on the search result. Only the content is the most important thing to rank that on the top result. 


OK, let’s go for the five keyword research hacks. 




Brainstorming is a technique to imagine something and list new things which is creative. We can apply the method in keyword research. According to your subject, just think about the possible keywords. What will you search for if you need this kind of information? 

Suppose you try to sell a seo course, so what will be your brainstorming keywords?

OK, for example:

  • Best SEO course
  • SEO course for beginners
  • Complete seo course
  • SEO course for freelancing

Like those keywords, you should list some keywords and then go for the next steps.


Google autosuggestion



When we searched something on Google, that time Google showed some keyword suggestions related to our keywords. We can take those keywords from there and listed them in our sheet.  


Google suggested Questions





Google suggested a question about the features of the search result. In every search, Google shows related questions. We can take keywords from there. Because those are the most searched question in Google. 


Most relevant searched keywords. 




At the end of the search result Google searches showing keywords that are mostly related to the search. So we also can take the keywords and put them into our list. Because it is also the real research data from the most trusted search engine google. 


Google keyword planner





We shall use the Google keyword planner tool for a deeper analysis of the latest keywords. After the four steps of the keyword research, we use Google keyword planner to know the parameters of the keywords, like 

  • Monthly search volume
  • keyword difficulty
  • CPC of the keyword
  • Real competitors of the keywords.


What is the characteristic of a good keyword?


A good keyword must have some characteristics to pass the quality indication of a keyword.

  • A keyword must have search volume. Without a search volume that hasn’t any value.
  • Keywords should be low competitive.
  • Long keyword with the targeted keyword. 
  • Keyword with natural language.

Google keyword planner is a free tool that helps to research keywords effectively. And also help to get the real data. There are paid tools but I saw some tools that didn’t provide real data for the research. So that rather than others we can trust Google’s tool. 


What parameters should  I follow while keyword research?


You should keep in your keyword research all possible parameters to researching keywords.

For example:

Monthly search volume


Keep the monthly search volume in your record. It is important to research a Good keyword. Monthly search volume shows that how many possible visitors can you get if the keyword will rank.


Keyword difficulty


Keyword difficulty mentioned how the keyword is difficult to rank on the search result. Keyword difficulty scores give a clear concept of what efforts you need to rank those keywords. 


Manually check the first 10 results of the research.  


Check the first 10 results of your selected keyword and also count their content length. The analysis gives you a sense of what you should do to rank the keyword in the search result. 


Check the CPC 


If you are thinking of earning money from AdSense as well as other monetization methods, then you should count the cost per click for a particular keyword. It will help to select a keyword from all aspects. 

You will get all the parameters in Google keyword planners, But to get it all at a time you must download the keyword research report. You can do all things only by yourself, you don’t need anybody’s help. 


Is a single keyword enough for an article? 


No, you should target a keyword as a primary keyword but you must implement others keywords as a secondary keyword. There are no limitations on how many keywords you can use in an article. But may keep the consistency of the primary keyword by following this formula “ Number of words of the content *5/100= Keyword density.” 

The supposed total keyword of a particular content is 2000

So the keyword density is 2000*0.5/100=10 So you can use the primary keyword into 2000 words content just 10 times. 

And for the secondary keywords, you can also use them but don’t repeat them more than three times each content. Write good content that will automatically rank. 




Keyword research is the process to select the perfect keyword for your article. Remember content is important than keywords. You must write Good content that really helps people. Follow the full guideline carefully and hope you can research a perfect keyword for your website. 

Follow the 5 free methods of keyword research to finding the best keywords. And if you think keyword research is a very big problem for you. Then can take a free keyword research help. I believe it will fulfill your all desire to research the best keywords and the content optimization consultation. 


The article might help you.

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