DA and PA don’t work for seo. Domain authority and page authority are useless things for seo. Because this is not a ranking factor of Google and other search engines. Why are DA and PA useless. A website’s DA & PA can be a good method to consider a website as a quality or good website. It doesn’t help to rank a website. Many people want to increase their website DA  and PA scores. I think the majority of them don’t know how the scores work. 



The history of DA and PA?


Once Google showed ranking scores for every website. The scoring system has 1 to 10 which means. 

1 = mentioned low-quality website and.

10 = showing a high-quality website. 

But it was a ranking factor of Google. There are some websites where my Google score was 10 above 10. Like Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hubspot, youtube, and many other websites. 



But Google stopped showing the quality score publicly. After that MOZ launched a tool to determine a website domain authority and page authority. And this is a hipe, most of the people want to raise up their website DA and PA score, they thought the score will help them to rank their website. But the majority of people don’t know SEO is a process to optimize a website’s content. If a website’s content is good then it will automatically rank. 


Why are DA and  PA  useless?


For some simple reasons DA and PA are not useful because of 

  1. It’s not a search engine ranking factor.
  2. The search engine doesn’t follow the method. 
  3. Not an actual benchmark to check website quality score.
  4. Don’t show the real result. 


Doesn’t DA & PA work for a website ranking?


Just simply think about DA and PA. It’s totally useless. Because once stopped showing a website’s page ranking score. Moz takes the opportunity to show scores with other kinds of methods. The score really has no value. Because we didn’t use Moz as a search engine. We use Google for searching information. 


Does Google follow DA & PA as a ranking factor?


No, honestly Google doesn’t follow DA and PA for ranking factors and others. Google has almost more than 300 ranking factors to get a site rank. 


How do search engines determine website authority?


A website’s authority depends on many factors but the search engines mostly follow some rules to check the authority of a website. But nobody knows that, because there aren’t any options to know that. It’s a hidden secret of the search engines. 


The most followed methods are,


  1. Website content’s uniqueness.
  2. The number of the contents of a website.
  3. Quality of the content. 
  4. Total visitors every month.
  5. The bounce rate of the website. 
  6. Engagement time of the website.
  7. Visitors review.
  8. How the website is secure.
  9. Website age.
  10. Natural link with the other websites.
  11. Presence on other media like youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Quora, Pinterest, and others.
  12. The website publishes regular content or not. 
  13. The content of the website describes everything rightly. 
  14. The website is friendly or not. 
  15. Speed of the website. 
  16. User-friendliness of the website. 

Should I try to increase my website DA and PA?


My question is why do you want to do that? For ranking, no you shouldn’t waste your time trying to increase your website DA and PA. It won’t help you to rank the website. Because it’s not a ranking factor of search engines. 

Why are some professionals talking about DA and PA?


I don’t know why they talk about these kinds of things. That hasn’t any value to the search engine. So what value of the DA and PA. I think they have some knowledge gap about seo and they don’t know how search engines work. And what is that algorithm? 

How to create a website’s authority?


This is a hidden formula of search engines to how they give the authority for a website. To make your website authority to the search engines. You may follow a few of the steps. 

  1. Make a user-friendly website with high speed.
  2. Publish plagiarism-free content. 
  3. Keep the consistency of content publishing.
  4. If your website is a business website that you are using just showing your business information. Add a blog to the website and publish continents regularly. 
  5. Do on-page and technical seo good.

Does SEO still work?


Yes, seo still works, but there is lots of false information about seo. It will work until search engines stop working. Remember SEO is a simple process to optimize your content. Don’t worry about seo, optimize your website content naturally. 

How to do better to make an authority website?


Only seo can’t help to make an authority website. You should focus on publishing quality content. Then implement SEO rules to the website. 


There are many websites, who are trusted to learn SEO?


You can follow multiple websites, but if your targeted search engine is Google then you must read Google’s seo guidelines to update your knowledge. Before reading google’s article, you mustn’t follow any other blog to develop your seo knowledge. There may be some miss information. So first you read and understand google’s guidelines. 


How much content makes a website an authority site?


In the first step, publish 50 contents minimum, it will help to make the authority of your site to the search engine. And every month publishing content regularly. Gradually your site will be made an authority site to the search engine. 


Which is most important for a quality website?


The simple answer is content and some other factors (that I already told in the above) are important for a quality website. 


Is the website authority a reason to drop the rank?


No, when we play a game with a search engine, our site ranks there for a certain time. Then when the new algorithm update came, the ranking dropped. So don’t play games with search engines. Just take your seo natural. Only using seo to optimize the content doesn’t do much. Repair your website technical seo. That will help to achieve the website authority.



Website authority needed for a website. But don’t judge it with a DA and PA type method. Follow search engines’ recommendations of seo. Site authority is a hidden secret, you don’t need the information. And you can’t see it. DA and PA scores won’t help you to improve your website ranking. 

You can run a seo audit of your website and find out the problems take Google’s seo guidelines. Fix all issues and implement the seo better. So should focus on website content, speed, user experience, and consistency. If you do everything the website must be doing good. 


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