Email marketing is a powerful method were sending emails to the targeted audience to sell something or share information with the audience. The email marketing strategy helps to generate more sales and create brand awareness. This is an old marketing tactic in the digital marketing area but very effective. People use email for their daily professional communication. Email is still a powerful way to marketing something to an interested audience.



What is email marketing?


Email marketing is a strategy to send email to the targeted audience for commercial purposes. Email is a powerful weapon to direct marketing. 


Why email marketing?


Email marketing is one of the best marketing methods ever. There are tons of reasons for selecting email marketing in your marketing strategy. Such as

  • Reach to the actual audience.
  • To get clients directly.
  • Click through rate and conversion rate is very high.
  • Low cost.
  • Email schedule to automatically send email newsletter monthly.
  • Notify the audience of new offers.
  • Sell anything instantly.
  • Best tracking optimization to analyze audience activities.
  • An easy way to convert a normal audience to a permanent client.
  • Safe and secured marketing.
  • Build an actual clients list.
  • An advantage to re-targeting.

And so many advances have in email marketing. You can get one of the best conversions through email marketing.


Step by step process of email marketing strategy.


We should know about the step-by-step process of email marketing strategy, it’s needed because before going for an email marketing campaign. We have to know the process of all steps. Then arranging the marketing will be easy for us. 

  1. Types of email marketing.
  2. Email sending system.
  3. Email marketing tools.
  4. How to get email leads and manage them. 
  5. The right way to write an actionable email.
  6. Some essential tips for email marketing.
  7. How to save email from the spam folder.
  8. Secret tips for email marketing.
  9. Conclusion. 


What are the types of email marketing?


There are mainly three types of email marketing. That is different from their behavior. For example:

  • Traditional email marketing.
  • Bulk email marketing.
  • Cold email marketing.

Now I discuss the three types of email marketing for what exactly that those email marketing. Their advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, and bad effects.


What is traditional email marketing?


Traditional email marketing strategy is a white hat method of collecting emails from actual users and then sending emails to the audience for selling or promoting something.


What are the advantages of traditional email marketing?


Traditional email marketing is the best method to send a promotional email to the email owner. The main advantages of email marketing.

  • High possibility to reach the email in the inbox folder.
  • The email opening rate is high.
  • The conversion rate is high.
  • No chance for a spamming report.
  • Best way to properly branding a product or a company.
  • Increase trust ability from the audience.


Disadvantages of traditional email marketing.


Even though there have many advantages of traditional email marketing, nevertheless, email marketing has few disadvantages. Such as:

  • Actual email collection is difficult.
  • Lots of things to maintain, like writing an email with complete information, email platform management, keep consistency, filtering the real clients.
  • In the beginning stage, it takes time to get a good response from the audience.


What should I do carefully in traditional email marketing?


  • First of all, keep dedication and consistency.
  • Add an unsubscribe button with the email newsletter, so that, the audience can easily unsubscribe if they don’t like the email. It will help you to save from spam reports and increase the audience’s trust.


How to get the real email address for traditional email marketing?


There are several ways to generate email leads for traditional email marketing.  Like;

  • Website subscription system. I assume that most of the time when people are wanting to get an email marketing process they have a website. So you can add an email subscription button and ask your visitors to subscribe your email to monthly newsletters.
  • If you have a social media presence and publish regular content there. And have a good number of audiences. In there you can try to collect email. But how? Ok, you should add an email subscription form’s link in your social media content or share your website link, where you have an email subscription button.
  • Run a paid campaign on Google or social media (like Facebook, Linkedin) both of the platforms have the option to collect leads. You can easily collect email by a paid promotion of lead generation.
  •  YouTube is a good platform for generating leads. When you publish a video on youtube, in the description box of the video share an email subscription-like and ask people to subscribe. 


If you are trying traditional email marketing with good discipline then, I ensure that you will get a good response.


What is bulk email marketing?


Bulk email marketing is another method of email marketing. The main concept of that particular email marketing is, to collect email from various channels, most of them have extracted, using email extraction automation tools. It is totally a spammy method, the method isn’t accepted anymore.


Advantages of bulk email marketing. 


The advantages of bulk email marketing are not much, because it’s not the right method of email marketing. 

  • You can get lots of emails. 
  • Collect different professionals’ emails.
  • Easy to target a particular location’s people.


Disadvantages of bulk email marketing


The most disadvantageous email marketing method is the bulk email marketing strategy. 

  • Unauthorized and spammy method.
  • When someone sees this type of email, the mail directly throws it into the spam box and gets a spam report against the email. 
  • Lose trust from the user.
  • The conversion rate is low. 
  • Increase the cost of the marketing.
  • It doesn’t create any authority and trust.
  • Don’t build long-term relationships with the audience. 

Use this email marketing strategy, when you haven’t any other option. But for the other scenario, my suggestion is just to avoid that because it could spoil your reputation. If you want to lead the market then, follow the traditional email marketing strategy, that will help you in the long run. 


What is cold email marketing?


Although the definition of cold email marketing is different from my answer, they said “ cold email marketing is when we submit an email without permission” yes the definition is true. 

But I want to add a few extra and true words with that. Cold mailing is a combination of traditional and bulk email marketing. So, for email marketing, what do we need? Email address, right? 

Suppose, you have some email addresses that you have collected from various ways like, on your website and paid promotion, and some of them you bought from others. 

So when sending an email to those email addresses, the emails go in the inbox folder directly, it’s called cold email marketing.


Advantages of cold email marketing? 


The cold email has many advantages, cold emailing can generate more revenue for you. The positive side of cold mailing is, 

  • Send the email directly inbox.
  • Spam-free strategy. 
  • High possibility to reach the email to the inbox folder.
  • The email opening rate is high.
  • The conversion rate is high.
  • No chance for a spamming report.
  • Best way to properly branding a product or a company.
  • Increase trust in the audience.

Cold email is similar to traditional email marketing. Just keep patience and dedication when you start email marketing. Because it takes time to get the actual result. 


Email sending system


I have discussed different types of email marketing tips for email marketing systems. Now is the time to talk about email sending systems. 


What is an email sending system?


Email sending system is an application where we can send, manage and set a retargeting of an email. 

There are two types of email sending applications. 

  • Your email sending application
  • Buy an email marketing service. 


What is Owned Email marketing tools? 


This concept is very simple, build your email sending application like an email marketing company. So that you can send as much mail from your system.


Advantages of own email marketing tools


  • Low cost and flexible. 
  • Platform independence.
  • Customize by your choice.
  • Add extra features.
  • Send the unlimited email.


How to build an email marketing system?


An email marketing system has two parts, like 

  • SMTP server
  • Email sending application.

If you want to build both platforms then the cost will be high. And that is not affordable for you, a light user. But if you think about the email marketing business then, that is a different thing. 

I think it would be better if you buy an email sending application and connect it with a third-party SMTP server (simple mail transfer protocol). 

So the process is simple like these: 

  • Go to codecanyon (a website for selling and buying software) and get an email sending application( this site has many email marketing applications, you can easily find your one, just go, search and take). For example:


  1. Mailways
  2. Mailster
  3. Sendblaster 


  • Buy a domain for your application.
  • Choose an SMTP to connect the email application with there. 
  • Connect your application with the SMTP. 

Very simple steps, if you have minimum technical knowledge then, you can set up the application by yourself. Or can hire an expert if you don’t have the knowledge or time.


Email SMTP service provider company.


There are many Email SMTP service companies, you can try one among them.

  • Amazon SES
  • G Suite
  • Sendinblue
  • Mailgun

And many more, it’s very easy to find a good SMTP service with a single search on Google.


Buy an email marketing service


If you think the whole process is difficult for you, no problem, there are several email marketing tools you can use as a complete application. There you can manage all of your email marketing activities. 

The market has several popular email marketing companies that provide the complete solution for email marketing. For example:

  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • Getresponse
  • Sendinblue. 
  • Omnisend 
  • Sendpulse

There have other tools like these, I listed the tools that doesn’t mean those are good from others. You can use which one you choose. I just show that for example, not that other meaning. Don’t take it other ways. 


What are the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing services?


Email marketing services have advantages and disadvantages like custom email marketing tools.


  • Send email directly to the email inbox.
  • Import custom email list.
  • Tracking the email like opening rate, conversion rate, throw spam folder, report the email and unsubscribe.
  • Audience behavior analysis.
  • Filtering most active, and real clients.
  • Custom email template. 
  • Integrate subscription form in your website.
  • Export email.
  • Set an automatic email sending schedule.
  • And many opportunities. 


  • Very costly.
  • The tool has your data access.
  • Don’t have an automatic data backup opportunity.
  • You can’t add custom features. 

So before using email marketing services, think about your needs and cost. If you need a long-term and permanent solution then you can take the right step to build your decided email mentioned in the marketing platform. 

But if you’re a newbie and don’t have much budget for that then, first try a free package of an email marketing service. Then you can also try the paid package. For broad use, having your email marketing system is good in the long run. Everything depends on your needs. 


How to get email leads and manage them? 


At the beginning of this content, I have figured out the email collection method. Ok, now I repeat that again, broadly there are several methods to collect email leads.

  • Provide an email subscription form or popup on our website where we can ask the audience to download or access a free course, free book, regular blog content, video, podcast, free software, and webinar. 
  • Run a paid campaign on Google ads, Facebook, or Linkedin to collect leads for your business.  This email lead collecting technique is not new, it’s an old method. Lots of people use this for their business growth. 
  • Collect email by publishing videos on youtube.
  • Extract email from different platforms by email extraction tools (it’s a black hat method and unethical, you should take permission from the email owner before sending an email. 
  • Buying email from email selling or lead selling website or company. It is similarly a blackhat way. But, if you find someone who collects the email lead by himself on his platform then, you can use that. 

Because people who have subscribed are interested. Even though this is not a good practice. But remember that a few practices are better than no practices. 

When you are collecting email on your website or platform like social media so you can automatically get into your email marketing tool by integrating that with your platform. 

And when you extract email or buy them, there is an option to import the email list. You may use that in your email marketing tools. 


How to write an actionable email?


In the email, writing has lots of things to write a good email. Ok, I will discuss the process briefly, so that it makes easy sense to write a good and actionable email.

  • The subject line of an email.
  • Email body factors.
  • Spam or inbox.


The subject line of and email


The subject line of an email is very important because an audience decides by seeing the email subject line. Or throw it into the spam box. 

Follow ABC rules while writing an email heading.

A = Attraction (your email headline must be attractive.)

B = Benefits (Show how the audience can benefit from this email.)

C = Curiosity ( Put something curious so that the audience will open it.)

If you follow the ABC rules while writing an email headline then, You can write a good email headline.

Secret Tips: When writing an email headline, use this free tool to test that, to check your email headline is ok or not. When you put your headline in there you will see a score, keep the score minimum of 90. Because 90 is a good sign of a better email headline. 


How to write a good email?


A perfect email ensures a high conversion rate. Use proper rules to write an email copy. There are rules to write a conversion label email’s body. 

The rule’s name is TCPARS.

T = Targeted audience (when writing an email just remembers about your targeted audience).

C = Callout: In the first line of your email, you must mention people’s names or company names. Like, “Hey or Hi ‘Name” Hey John” or “Hello or Hi ‘company name” Hello, SMH Digital”. Everything meant callout.

P = Personal connection ( write an email with some emotional words, which would help to get sympathy and a positive view).

A = Authority ( Make trust in the audience, show you can help them. Tell them about you or your company’s success).

R = Reciprocity ( Show your solution and discuss that. How you both can reciprocally work together for better business growth).

S = Social proof ( You have to prove you’re able to provide the service, share your existing work, your client’s review from different sites, and your website link).

Tips:  After writing an email you should check the email score by mailtester application to keep the email score 10/10 for better conversion. 


How to save email from spam folders?


There are major five factors to save your email from a spam folder. Just follow it properly. 

  • Keep the subject line good and actionable, check that with the suggested tool. Don’t copy others’ email headlines and stop spam. 
  • Check if your domain is blacklisted or not, you can check it on mxtoolbox, open the site and enter your website address. There will show a result for is your website is blacklisted or not.

If blacklisted then contact your domain provider to help to unblock it. Because blocked webmail doesn’t reach the inbox folder. 

  • Don’t share direct affiliate or CPA links in your email body. You can make a landing page on your website for a particular product and service then, can share it in the email body. 
  • Turn off tracking using another tool or domain like a subdomain. 
  • Keep your reputation and sending score good. Before sending, check it and make sure that it is 10/10 for better trustability. 


What are secret email marketing tips?


To do better email marketing you should follow some secret email marketing tips and the mentioned email marketing strategy, which can help you to save the email from spam, increase email open rate and raise the conversion rate. 

  • Write an actionable email heading and check it with the automation tool.
  • Keep email body writing unique and convertible. 
  • Use a high-performance SMTP server ( Simple mail transfer protocol).
  • Try to get a safe side for bounce rate and complaint rate.
  • First validate the email address, before sending an email. It will decrease your email bounce rate and increase your impression.

Follow these steps and processes and implement them in your email marketing campaign. Hope you will be benefited. 




This is a complete email marketing strategy. Believe the email marketing strategy helps to grow small businesses. Finally, what are the main focusing points for email marketing? 

To collect email, write an email, send that and get a conversion. If you follow the core process below, exactly will get a better result from an email campaign. 

  1. Types of email marketing.
  2. Email sending system.
  3. Email marketing tools.
  4. How to get email leads and manage them. 
  5. The right way to write an actionable email.
  6. Some essential tips for email marketing.
  7. How to save email from spam folders.
  8. Secret tips for email marketing.
  9. Conclusion. 

In the above, I have discussed everything in detail. So if you read the full content carefully, ensure that you will get a clear knowledge of email marketing. This is a complete email marketing strategy, follow it, practice it and apply for business. 

Don’t compromise with these.

  • Plagiarized email text.
  • You have need permission to send an email.
  • The provided information is correct.

There are many Digital Marketing methods like email marketing. I have always shared new content of digital marketing, seo, and WordPress. If you are interested then, can read my other article, mentioned below. 

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